Why Geezer Butler will never release his jazz songs



He recently acquired a seven-string bass, which he said Kerrang! allows him to “play guitar and bass at about the same time” and, therefore, he was writing new music.

Responding to a 2005 rumor that he might be working on a jazz album, Butler said, “I have a lot of [of] jazz tracks already written, but if I put out a Geezer Butler jazz album, who would want that? There are [a] the jazz bass thing I wrote is so complicated, I can’t remember how I did it. I cannot reproduce it. I must have been pissed off at the time! I tried, but you play it to people and they’re like ‘What is this?’ “

Another project he’s working on is a dissertation, which he admitted was difficult to achieve. “I’m a pretty private person… so it’s really a challenge,” he said. “But it’s been fun to look back and think back to the early days.”

Butler also expressed doubts that his most recent group, supergroup Deadland Ritual, might not return due to COVID-19. “We were all ready to go and we wrote the album, but the coronavirus has arrived,” he noted. “All the studios are closed too, and if you want to be a new band, you have to go out and tour your album, and the tour is out the window again.… So I’m not sure that will happen. one day.

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