Whitesnake’s “Here I Go Again” tops the Hot Hard Rock Songs chart after Tawny Kitaen’s death



According to Billboard, WHITE SNAKEthe classic track of “Here, I start again” debuted at No.1 on BillboardThe Hot Hard Rock Songs chart for May 22. The track attracted 2.5 million US streams, up 22%, and sold 1,000 downloads, up 178%.

“Here, I start again” saw renewed interest after the death of the actress Julie E. “Tawny” Kitaen, who appeared in the video for the song. Kitaen died at her Newport Beach home on May 7 at the age of 59.

While WHITE SNAKE was working on this eponymous 1987 album, the lead singer of the group David Coverdale started to go out Kitaen, who had recently played opposite Tom hanks in the movie “Singles party”. Kitaen soon appeared in several WHITE SNAKEclips from, including those for “Here, I start again”, “Is this love” and “Still of the night”. Pictures of Kitaen writhing on the hood of a Jaguar in the “Here, I start again” clip has been called one of the most iconic – and sexiest – video moments ever to be filmed.

Last June, Wildcat Recount “Ouch, you’re on my hair” on how she ended up appearing in the WHITE SNAKE videos: “Ironically, I started dating David. He had two million dollars in debt owed David Geffen at this moment. I was working and I had more money than David at that time, so I supported us a bit. And when I heard the album and was allowed to come in and help with the mixing of the album… You know how when you sing different songs, they give you a piece of paper and you choose the word. the best piece. So I was able to do it. And John kalodner, who was the biggest A&R guy in the company, who works for David Geffen, in my ‘E! True Hollywood Story ‘ Call me Yoko Ono – because I chose the album covers, I chose the single, I chose the photographer. I made the rule that no girls were allowed backstage, so the groupies must have hated me.

“I’ll tell you how I got there in the video,” she continued. “Marty caller, the director of all WHITE SNAKE videos, had everything planned – had the girl, had everything. The day before the shoot, David said: ‘Do you want to come with me to Marty, the director of the video house? We need to review the storyboards. So we went to his Bel Air mansion, and he opened the door, and without even saying hello or hello, he pointed at me and he said, “You are her.” And I’m like ‘who am I?’ And he said, ‘You’re the girl.’ And I was already an actress. I had refused to some groups not to be in their video, because I was an actress. “I’m not going to rock video. Are you kidding?’ It was the mentality. But he was my boyfriend on the video at the time, so I was like, ‘Alright, I’ve already helped my boyfriend on all the RATT album covers’ – in reference to her former boyfriend, end RATT guitarist Robbin crosby – “why can’t I help my boyfriend in his videos?” And that’s how it happened. And that poor girl got a call saying she wasn’t going to be in there anymore, and I was there. “

In a 2019 interview with Consequence of sound, Coverdale confirmed that Kitaen was not the first choice for the female figure featured in the video. “Claudia schiffer was supposed to be “the WHITE SNAKE woman, “when she was the girl of the Guess jeans,” he said. “But it collapsed near the shoot. And I took Wildcat out for dinner, when Marty caller called me and said: ‘You have to come by, we have problems.’ We went to his house on the way to dinner, he opened the door, his jaw hit the ground – as you know, Wildcat was absolutely beautiful – and he said, “It’s her! She’s there WHITE SNAKE women!’ And I said, ‘MartyHe’s a friend of mine. She’s an actress.’ And she said, ‘No, David. I’m happy to do it! ‘ sorry Claudie – you did very well afterwards too. “

Coverdale and Kitaen married in 1989, but the union lasted only two years. Kitaen married Finley in 1997 and divorced in 2002, shortly after her arrest for allegedly attacking her husband in their SUV a few blocks from their home. According to Los Angeles Times, Kitaen pleaded not guilty to domestic violence charges and the case was dismissed in 2003 after she attended court-ordered counseling sessions. When she and Finley divorced, she released a statement saying she was being treated for prescription drug addiction and vowed to become “the healthiest and best mother possible” to her two daughters.

Before connecting with Coverdale, Kitaen appears in RATT‘s “Come back for more” Musical clip. She has also appeared in several reality shows, including “Surrealist life”, “Sloppy” and “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew”. She had several other run-ins with the law, including a charge of possession of cocaine in 2006 and impaired driving in 2009.

One of the Jaguars of the “Here, I start again” the video was dusted for WHITE SNAKEthe clip of “Shut up and Kiss Me”, from 2019 “Flesh & Blood” album.

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