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WTF words: Some people call me the Space Cowboy / Some people call me the love gangster / Some people call me Maurice / Because I’m talking about the love pompatus

“The Joker” is a happy cryptography lesson for Steve Miller fans. For casual listeners, the lines listed above are a real headache. Miller fans know, however, that the Texan rocker refers, in order, to his 1969 hit, “Space Cowboy” his 1968 blues cover “Gangster of love” and its 1968 number, “Enter Maurice. “

The real lead, of course, is “the pompous of love”. It has been a favorite subject of rock talk since the first release of “The Joker” in 1973.

The point, however, is that Miller first used the term in “Enter Maurice”, singing: My dearest darling, come closer to Maurice / so I can whisper sweet words of epistemology / to your ear and talk to you about the pompatus of love.

While Miller playfully said, “This doesn’t mean nothing, it’s just jive talk,” all of that pompatus action is actually his affectionate nod to the 1954 R&B song, “The letter” by the medallions.

While essentially as confusing as the aforementioned “Louie Louie”, the lockets sing lines that sound like what Miller reproduced in “Enter Maurice” and “The Joker”.

While playing in a 1996 comedy The Pompatus of Love-yes, titled in reference to “The Joker” – actor Jon Cryer reunited with Vernon Green of the Medallions, who wrote “The Letter”.

Green revealed that “pompatus” was in fact “puppetuetes”, stating that the word was “a term I coined to mean a secret fantasy figure of a paper doll [i.e.-puppet], who would be my everything and would bear my children.

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