“WEB Du Bois’ love songs” (Part 2)



Mom pulls back. She is still smiling.
“I promise I am story the truth. This is my the girl, and I should know. I was the for the Workforce, all seventeen hours of this.”
The lady points to my sister. “Are you telling me this is a colored child?” “
Then Lydia starts singing our favorite song about how black and proud she is. I start to dance, shaking my booty. Mom tries to take my hand, but I run behind Lydia. The white lady turns pink. Then she pushes her cart away.
Lydia says, “I’m black.
Mom said, ” Born you think I know this? And whore you speaking To?
You know better than To cause a scene in Public! “
Mom walks a way, and Lydia pushes the Cart and put our gro- cherries back to the shelves. The Bacon and the cereal and the tempera, light bread. TO the to verify, she purchased me a Candy bar and said she will hide it for me so mom can not you see, but in the car park a lot the station wagon is faded away.
Lydia holds my hand and we are expecting mom. We wait and wait, then Lydia says were go for one walk. My legs start to hurt, and Lydia kneel and recount me ascend to her back. She departures walking again. The is a to house, and I think I remember this place. The red flowers. The bird in the tree: coo, coo. I ascend disabled that of Lydia back, but before we hit Uncle Root open the door.
“Young Lady, before you start, my name is Bennett, and I am not in this disorder. This is Assumed To to be my summer vacation, so I am not get in the environment of this. And I Recount your mom the same when she called and wake up me of my very pleasant nap. To come to.”
We follow him into the living room and into the kitchen. Lydia sits down on a chair and pulls me onto her lap. She puts her chin on my head, but her knees are too thin. His bones hurt my booty.
Uncle Root selections up the telephone to the Wall. “Hello? To lack Pink, I have your grandchildren. He waits and There are squawk.
“Say she’s still angry, huh?” This one is also about a sissy. Well, what was Maybelle Lee expecting? Children don’t have one sense. Did she think they would just wait at the store while she drove? She should know better. If it was Atlanta, we don’t know who would have these girls.
Following yell, and he makes a idiot face. “All law, To lack Pink. OK. All law. This is very good. ”He blocked up and tells us our granny said we should spend the night in his guest room.
Lydia says, “Sounds good.” I say, “Yeah, that sounds good. “
“But first, ladies, let’s go meet at the Cluck-Cluck hut. Bring us some chicken and cookies and fries. In fact, let’s go Stop by the Pig Pen for an ice cream. i have a pie in the freezer and were In regards to To have we a Party. Power To the people!”
He raise his fist.
to say, “Ooh Pee!”
Before it’s time for bed, Lydia demand Uncle Root for another sheet to put under me. I am afraid she will say him what i told her about long hair Lady, but Lydia not Do not say anything. No. That night the long haired lady comes to my dream, but she only sits with me. In the Morning there is no yellow task. Lydia tells I am What She is speaking ‘fight. Of them nights in a line with no wet the bed. Who is a large girl?
And I say: “I am!”
“To give me some skin, fat girl!” I hit her hand hard and she turns her palm down: “Now, to the Black hand side!”
For breakfast, Uncle Racine makes us cheese and eggs and pancakes overcome with Butter and syrup. He said he knows How? ‘Or’ What To feed some hunger children. Not to play him cheap.
Then we are Go and Go in his long auto back To the country. TO the alley, we everything climbs out of the car, but Uncle Root recount me to stay with him. Let my sister go first. The screen door opens, and mom comes out to the porch and goes down the steps. My sister runs To her. She is tears, and Mom cuddles her and rocks her side next to.
Lydia says, “I’m sorry.”
Mom says, “It’s all right, honey. Its good.”

Extract of “WEB Du Bois love songs»By Honorée Fanonne Jeffers. Copyright © 2021 by Honorée Fanonne Jeffers. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without the written permission of the publisher.

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