“WEB Du Bois’ love songs” (Part 1)



It is time for the grocery store shop, ’cause Mom did not go to eat people
out of the house and out of the house. Is not it. But Coco not want to go To city.
No. She wants To to stay with To lack Pink To to help Make preserves.
She promises that she will behave well and try not to be rude.
Then we are in the station wagon, I am session between Lydie and Mom.
I am full of breakfast, and my mom and sister feel really good,
As grown up Ladies to do. I am happy listen To the radio, corn while
white lady sees us
To the pig Pen. She not know that Lydia is with us. No.

Lydia not see As nothing of we. No. daddy’s had Brown eyes, but he looks As a White man. mom’s dark As Chocolate and small and pretty. She makes him straight hair with a hot comb and blue grease. I am dark, too much, corn not As Mom. I had Red in my skin under the brown As my grand’mother. Coco eyes and skin meet, As caramel candies. His nose is wide As mom’s, and She is very short too. Her hair As mom’s, and it grows really long. that of Lydia Hair it’s long, too much, corn habit socket a loop. Corn in the back of her to manage, She is has a kitchen. It grows in loops As Mine. It’s like that you can say that She is a black girl. She is has a gap in His teeth As mom’s too much. Her skin is light corn not As daddy’s. She looks As she went outside in the Sun and stayed a long time and had a sunbathe. Corn Mom said Black people not to have bronze. We I already have some Color. And Mom not care if people are ignorant In regards to her children. No. She door all of we in her stomach and we belong To her and we should love her very a lot.
It is cold in the shop. When Mom shoot the Cart up the Ray, the white lady beckons us. Mom waves her hand and says okay Morning, and the lady and her Cart come our manner. She is old As my granny and has a pink shirt and jeans skirt. Her brown shoes are ugly. I not As those shoes.
The white lady said, “You are so good with children. “
Mom says, “Thank you, ma’am. I’m doing my best with these two.
There’s another one at home.
“How long have you been in service? ” Mrs ? “
The Lady hit that of Lydia shoulder. “This a habit need a nanny soon, and my daughter has a baby boy who love you. Let me give you her number. Shell To pay good.” The White Lady put her hand in her purse and drawn take out a pencil. She puts her hand again and got a smooth piece of paper, and mama frowns, but then she smiles. She says Lydia is her daughter. They have the same teeth, but Lydia is get braces Following year.
“Girl, you are beautiful amusing me!” The White Lady shaken her finger near my mother’s face, and I say, “Ooh” ‘because you is never assumed To to put your hand in someone face. Are not.

Extract of “WEB Du Bois love songs»By Honorée Fanonne Jeffers. Copyright © 2021 by Honorée Fanonne Jeffers. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without the written permission of the publisher.

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