Want to listen to love songs? BTS V Songs Are To Your Rescue, Listen Here



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On December 30, 2020, BTS ‘V, nicknamed Taehyung, will be 25 years old. Due to the ongoing outbreak, he has said he will not be celebrating his birthday. The BTS army went to great lengths to make their birthday an unforgettable memory. We’ve put together a playlist of V’s songs as they work on a contribution campaign to reach their streaming goals. Check this out:

V’s music collection

V is the one who coined the phrase “I purple you”, which has become the badge of the band and the fans. Although he is the frontman of the band, he has created a number of solo tracks that you should add to your collection. It’s time to get ready for BTS V’s birthday, so check out this playlist:

Bear in winter
It was V’s first English lyric song, which was released in 2019. He also directed the video for the song. This is one of his songs that you will love to listen to. This song demonstrated that V is not only a K-pop singer, but also a photographer.

Intuitive child
This year, Taehyung released another solo single, Inner Child. V composed this song for himself when he was younger, and the lyrics will take his disciples back to their youth. V was assisted in the writing of this song by RM aka Namjoon.

It was one of V’s songs that went viral despite not being a “solo” song. This song was not released solo, but rather as a comeback for the band. The trailer included the graphics for Taehyung as well as the soundtrack for the video.

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