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Not only The Twilight Saga will delight audiences around the world with its romance riddled with vampires and werewolves, but also grabbed people’s attention with its soundtrack. The movies undoubtedly had one of the most curated albums in modern cinema, and each had songs from massive artists like Thom Yorke, Music, Paramore, Bon Iver, Linkin Park, and many more.

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New Moon was slightly different from the other films, with less of Edward in it and a budding friendship between Bella and Jacob. The film’s mood oscillated between happy, dark and even cozy, so the music had to match. The film’s album was an absolute lyrical and sonic delight (directed by Alexandra Patsavas), and ten of these songs stood out above the rest.


“Slow Life” by Grizzly Bear with Victoria Legrand

Bella seeing Edward in the water in Twilight New Moon

This alternative piece begins as a languorous piece, which blossoms into a beautiful crescendo with accents of electric guitar. It was the perfect tune to play when Bella was diving off the cliff alone, hoping to see Edward’s ghost in the water as she made the risky leap.

The reverberating sound, as well as the wistful lyrics about a lover also fit the moment well, as Bella was deep under water and could have died if Jacob hadn’t pulled her out in time. Edward leaving Bella was one of the saddest things that happened to him, but his thrill-seeking activities after that were even worse, only enhanced by the beautiful songs.

“Rosyln” by Bon Iver and Saint Vincent

Bella browses her computer in New Moon.

Bon Iver has been a long-time collaborator, his most recent being with Taylor Swift on her songs performed in movies and on TV. In this independent song, he teams up with St. Vincent to create an atmospheric song that captures the film’s nostalgia and melancholy.

It played in the background as Bella printed pictures of herself and Edward after her violent birthday party, and as she waited for him at school. Edward looked in his scrapbook and waited for her to come home to let him know he was leaving.

“A White Demon Love Song” van The Killers

twilight saga new moon eclipse breaking dawn netflix top 10

Dreamy and ethereal, The Killers wrote and performed this song, especially for New Moon. The slow rock song is a poetic ode to Edward Cullen leaving Bella and has highly evocative lyrics that fit the story, with a soothing, flowing sound.

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The song only made an appearance in the film’s credits, most likely because it summed up the plot well and served as a good concluding lead to the epic highs and lows it contains.

“Shooting the Moon” by OK Go

OK Go’s playful song broke the spell of melancholy with its unusual upbeat drum work and sudden burst of chaotic guitar riffs. This song made an appearance as Bella and Jacob spent more time together as the film progressed, growing closer as friends.

As Jacob tinkered around on his bikes and Rabbit in the garage with Bella, the happier she was, and fans felt it when this funny song about an indecisive leader and his hilarious indifference to him played in the back. It was one of the many times that Jacob was a good friend to Bella.

“I’m Yours” (New Moon Remix) by Muse

Muse was a band that had long influenced Stephanie Meyer, especially when she wrote the books. They’ve contributed several songs to the franchise, and their music still fits right in with the movies, especially this one. Livelier than their other offerings, there was a fun jazz section in the middle to dance to.

In New Moon, he played when Bella planned to go out for a girls’ night out with Jessica — shopping, clothes, movie night, and work. It signaled Bella’s mood looking up since she’s been making an effort to be outside since the breakup.

“Satellite Heart” by Anya Marina

Edward and Bella in front of the house and the truck in New Moon

Anya Marina’s tune was a complete heartbreak in a song, and it played on the radio when Edward drove Bella home after Jasper attacked her. The lyrics “outta mind and outta sight” and “such a waste of a young heart” foreshadowed the pain Bella was about to go through.

Edward and Bella were kindred spirits, but it was clear that some end was near, so the despair in the air was conveyed through “Satellite Heart,” a song about a girl who found herself alone and helpless. his love.

“Possibility” by Lykke Li

The most memorable sequence of New Moon took place after Edward left, when the months passed, Bella remained in her room, plagued by sadness and nightmares. The seasons have changed, but she hasn’t, and this Lykke Li track shines a light on her misfortune with a raw, dark vocal.

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The almost choral harmonies and the slow rhythm make it a haunting piece, which the Swedish singer was commissioned to write especially for the film.

“Meet Me at the Equinox” door Death Cab For Cutie

Indie rock stalwarts Death Cab For Cutie wrote this soulful rock track for the film, and it was basically a melodic allegory of what was going on in the film. With Edward looking forward to exposing himself to the world in the sun and his breakup with Bella, the track covered the entire plot of the film, especially the visit to the Volturi.

Movie references aside, the song was a brooding but piercing ode to sophomore dusk film and appeared in the closing credits.

Sea Wolf’s “Purple Hour”

Carlisle Cullen and Bella Swan in Twilight New Moon

Perhaps the happiest song New Moon soundtrack, “The Violet Hour” is a bit of a misfit, lyrically, but sonically for its purpose.

It depicts an intimate relationship between a man and a woman, but has an upbeat, celebratory tune, which is probably why it happened to the music playing at Bella’s party at the Cullen house before it all happened. The title is an obvious reference to The Twilight Sagaand the song fit perfectly with the rest of the album.

“Hearing Damage” by Thom Yorke

Pulsating synth beats create a sense of urgency in this jagged yet engaging song by Thom Yorke. The words tell a story of unrequited love, but the creators used this melody in the background as wolves and the people of the reservation hunted Victoria through the forests of Forks.

Victoria’s presence has always been a danger lurking in the background, and this song made the audience feel that threat as well. The Radiohead frontman outdid himself on this track for New Moon.

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