Torres writes great, happy rock love songs for lockdown end



Brooklyn singer-songwriter Mackenzie Scott, aka Torres, is a master of indie island and languid pop. But after breaking through the lockdown and finding inspiration from his partner, visual artist Jenna Gribbon, Scott is in an expansive mood. His new album, more thirsty (Merge), adorned with a glam cock-rock cover painted by Gribbon, features exuberant big arena sound producer (and Garbage drummer) Butch Vig. Fans may miss the unhurried melancholy elegance of Scott’s mighty 2017 album Three futures, but there’s no denying the crunch a la Liz Phair and the happy guitar solo of the opening of the album “Are You Sleepwalking?” Better yet is “Don’t Go Puttin Wishes in My Head,” whose scorching surging wall frames its straightforward, star-studded lyrics: “If you don’t want me to believe that you’ll never leave me, honey. not put wishes in my head. The video for the song features Scott and Gribbon in some happy home canooding – cooking root vegetables, boogy-brushing teeth together, and cuddling in bed. “Hug From a Dinosaur” mixes simple love song lyrics with cosmic madness (“Truth is ancient and eternal and surreal like a hug from a dinosaur”), accompanied by psychedelic swirls and a hook with which you can’t get out of your head. a backhoe. COVID-19 and Trump are still wreaking havoc in our society, and there is certainly no shortage of reasons for despair. But it is precisely because misery hangs so close that more thirsty is such a welcome celebration of love, joy and rawk. v

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