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It’s time for improvisation!

This week, I decided to use a different source for my hits:…

As always, feel free to click this link to see if you can find any songs that I haven’t included, but that you like, and put those songs in your comments.

Here we are:

Number 1:

This song uses the melody of Chuck Berry’s song, Sweet Little Sixteen, so Chuck Berry got all the royalties for this song, after suing the Beach Boys.

Very funny song, anyway.

Number 2:


Each note, so precise, so clear. It makes me happy to listen to it, even if I don’t like sad songs. I just ignore the meaning of the lyrics and savor the sound. Mmmmm.

Number 3:

I love the melody of this song, so well written. I especially like the part, “Rain, please tell me now, does it feel right, that she’s stealing my heart when she doesn’t care?” »

I love the melody of this part and the harmonies throughout the song. So well done. (Again, ignore the sad story.)

Number 4:

Such a classic. Young love.

Number 5:

Sweet, singing. Smoother than velvet. Truly the best of its kind. (Why did it have to have a sad ending?)

Number 6:

I certainly remember this song, but I don’t remember ever listening to it, carefully. It reminds me of Pam and I when we got married in 1977. We had been meaning to get married since we met in 1972. But the song that came to mind was We’ve Only Just Begun, from The Carpenters. (Pam died in 2008.)

Number 7:

Well, I heard about this song, but I only heard about the title, Fingertips. I’ve never heard the song, until now. I had Stevie Wonder’s album, Inner Vision, years ago, and played it over and over again, but never heard his older song.

I decided to look it up, in Wikipedia:…

Wonder’s single”At your fingertipswas a #1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1963, at the age of 13, making him the the youngest artist of all time to be at the top of the leaderboard.

Now I understand why so many people mention this song. He made history and brought the world’s attention to ‘Little Stevie Wonder’

Anyway, yes, it’s catchy jazz. Pleasant.

I saw, on YouTube, videos of Fingertips, Part I and II. So, I decided to check. Here is a live version:

All right, a lot more entertainment, in this one. He talks and shouts. Fun!

Number 8:

This one is so well written and the instruments are crisp and fun to listen to. (Sad words, again.)

Number 9:

So corny! So stupid! Well, at least it’s not a sad song.

Number 10:

Wow. This one is so fun to listen to. Sharp instruments, beautiful voices, a beautiful melody.

Let’s start again, with the translation:

OK, sad song. Still. Never mind.

Ok, now I’m going to choose other hits, further down the list.

Number 14:


Guitar solo, drum solo, guitar solo, drum solo, no sad story.


Number 24:

Fun and happy song. Great.

Number 28:

Silly folk song, fun to listen to.

Number 33:

Sweet and very joyful love song. Pleasant.

Number 46:

Another happy love song! Very optimistic.

Number 59:

Hey! Good product. The great voice of Nat King Cole, with a timeless song of summer. We can roll out the summer, in November, in our imagination.

Number 64:

Oh, wow, such a happy and carefree song. Let’s all get on the roof and relax.

Number 67:

It’s very hard to keep secrets, because someone will see what happens, as the song says.

Number 69:

The legendary voice of Johnny Cash. Solid.

Number 71:

Fun, silly, remember that.

Number 73:

In the sixties, listening to this, I felt like I was learning a lot about Australia. But, did I?

Number 77:

Ah, now we pick just one, from those summer days, from that other song.

Number 81:

It’s not one of Ray Charles’ most popular songs, but his voice is so sweet, so I included it.

Number 87:

Yes! The piano starts, da da da da etc, then the shooby dooby doo wop. So fun, so happy. To like.

Number 97:

I only included that, for the unusual guitar riff. The lyrics are too depressing, like so many songs.

Number 99:

It’s a road song. So many bands have road songs. It’s silly, but it’s a classic. And, I found, the grass is actually a little greener there, wherever it is. But, also, there is no place like home. And home is where the heart is.

Alright, here’s the link, to the whole list, in case you want to add more songs, in your comments:…

Have a nice day!

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