Top 10 Nigerian Love Songs and Best Times to Use Them



Using music to express yourself is not something we don’t know. People use songs to convey messages and express their hearts, and that’s why love songs are essential.

These Nigerian love songs are perfect to help you convey the emotions you feel that you cannot put into words.

1. Orente —Adekunle Gold

The rent was late when Adekunle Gold came out Orente, and if that means anything to you, it’s that it’s a song you sing to someone when you have more love than money. This song is a perfect proposal song, “I don’t have everything in place yet, but I have potential”.

2. obim — Timi Dakoko, Noble Igwe and Ebuka

I have tears in my eyes when I hear this song, and I don’t understand a word of Igbo or anyone I’m in love with. obim is the perfect song to sing to the woman you’re in love with. It’s an amazing proposal or a first dance song too. There’s no occasion for you to play obim for your wife and it won’t make her head swell.

3. african queen — 2Baba

Focus more on the song and ignore the messenger, please. african queen is a song for millennials trying their hand at steamy romance.

4. Streets — Dwin, the Stoic x Rhaffy

Streets is the song to send to the person you are seriously talking to. To send Streets towards them when you are ready to move from a conversation phase to a serious relationship with them. “These streets don’t tire me” is a direct message.

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5. Toh Bad —Niyala

Toh Bad is not a good love song. This is the story of a woman in love with a man who is not good for her. You can listen to this song when you are heartbroken and need to remind yourself that you deserve better.

6. All my life — MI Abaga ft Oxlade

Cheek All my life when you meet a woman and you are sure you want to spend the rest of your life with her. Plus, play the song on all your vow renewals after that, because we’re more than sure she’ll say yes to your proposal.

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7. never far — Lagbaja

never far is a song about lost love. This is a song that will remind you of the one who got away. You may not be with them anymore, but that doesn’t mean you love them any less.

8. 411 —Nonso Bassey

only listen 411 when you foolishly fell in love with your situational partner. There is a small chance that I am speaking from experience. 411 is the song you listen to when you know you’ve been lied to and maybe gassed.

9. Ocean – Like a

Ocean is a warm song for new lovers. It’s a perfect song to tenderly express the love you feel for your partner in a gentle way without feeling overbearing with how much you love them.

ten. Park well — Tiwa Savage ft Davido

Park well is a great first dance song (don’t disagree). The instrumentals and lyrics of the song are perfect for a wedding.

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