Top 10 Heavy Metal Love Songs To Rock Your World



Looking for the 10 best heavy metal love songs of all time? I bet you are, you rocker, you.

I know the dilemma: you need heavy metal love songs. You have a heavy metal girl and you want to impress her with your musical tastes. You don’t want to look sappy (because you are so not sappy). But you want to communicate your feelings in an appropriate way.

Like, the appropriate heavy-metal.

As a result, you found yourself scouring the interwebs looking for a playlist of heavy metal love songs, or even a compilation of heavy metal love songs.

Here is! A list of ten of the best heavy metal love songs on planet Earth, just for you and your heavy metal girl.

  1. Strapping Young Lad – Love?

For the best relationship opponents, this song is perfect. It has been real since 2005, and because he’s not too convinced of falling in love, I thought it was a perfect addition to this mix of heavy metal love songs.

  1. Cradle of Dirt – The Death of Love

With a name like “Cradle of Filth”, who better to weigh in on the subject of love?

Metal will always pull the mellow stuff out of love and leave it raw and ready to be performed. Or maybe it will change and turn love into something much more contemplative and dark.

Either way, Cradle of Filth took inspiration from Joan of Arc’s ex-boyfriend Gilles de Rais for this song. The death of love is essentially a gothic-tragedy story of the end of his relationship with Joan, which ends with his burning in the state. Surprise!

  1. Motörhead – Love me forever

This song explores an ultimatum that many of us run into in relationships: keep messing around with me and I’m off. Sounds fair, right?

“Love me forever, or not at all,” he sings, then talks about breaking hearts and dying, two phenomena that will invariably be compared for the rest of the time.

Anyone in need of a hug?

  1. Slipknot – Snuff

I was so curious to hear what Slipknot had to say about love!

Basically, the song takes up the cliché “it’s not you, it’s me”. And if you’re looking for a light heartwarming love song, this isn’t it.

For this reason, be sure to prepare yourself with a box of tissues and a stiff glass of something before you hit “play” on that song.

  1. Murderdolls – Die My Bride

The Murderdolls seem to be letting off steam here, and it’s a perfect song through which you can channel some of that pent-up relationship rage.

  1. AC / DC – Let me put my love in you


After a few stiff drinks (see song above) with your love, pull out this heavy metal ballad and see how it goes. Warning: if you are looking for songs to set the mood, warm up a first date or pour the love juice … look elsewhere.

  1. Mötley Crüe – Same old situation

You can either brag about all your conquests to people or write a song about them. I can only imagine the girls that members of this group have met over the years. Probably too many to dedicate to individual songs.

So why not sum up all this love and admiration in a song about them?

Heavy metal love songs

Axl is cheeky in this song, which asks for highly unlikely favors such as, “When I come home late at night, don’t ask me where I’ve been.”

And if you don’t think Guns ‘N’ Roses qualifies as heavy metal, you should have seen the way we were wrestling on their songs in high school. As long as you can bang your head it qualifies, right?

  1. Avenged Sevenfold – A Little Slice of Heaven

The animation video for this song falls into the “don’t try this at home” category. Unless you think eating the heart of your one true love is good dating advice.

This zombie genre theme makes me think: heavy metal love songs, eat your heart.

  1. Ratt – Round And Round

This song explores the first tough and vigorous moments in the relationship, before you made things official. Spandex and sex are heavy in this song, and it definitely deserves a spot on your heavy metal love song list.

We hope you’ve found everything you need in this article on the best heavy metal love songs. Now come on, woo this heavy metal girl and enjoy all the heavy metal love you can possibly handle.

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