Tired of “Encanto” songs? from Disney. Going out “Bruno” lyrics all day? Lin-Manuel Miranda has a pill for that



Lin-Manuel Miranda said he never knew Disney music Encanto would be so popular. But after watching his promo for a new ‘medicine’ aimed at curbing fans’ obsession with non-stop singing songs from the movie, we might think he did to know.

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Lin-Manuel Miranda, the lyrical mastermind behind some of the most powerful and memorable music from recent blockbuster movies like Disney’s Moana, Mary Poppins Returnsand Star Wars: The Force Awakensis also the melodic muse behind the music for Disney’s 60th animated feature, Encantowhich debuted in theaters on November 24 and was rolled out to the Disney+ streaming platform on December 25.

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The songs from the soundtrack became immediate fan favourites, especially “We Don’t Talk about Bruno”, sung by the cast of Encantoand “Surface Pressure”, sung by actress Jessica Darrow who lends her voice to Luisa Madrigal in the film.

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Both songs were immediate internet sensations as fans of all ages used the songs as background music for their videos, gave the songs their turn, or simply sang the songs themselves for the world to enjoy.

Miranda says he is shocked. In an interview with PEOPLE MagazineMiranda says he was really shocked that his ballad “Bruno” took off the way it did.

“I’m surprised it’s ‘Bruno’,” he said of the song’s impressive chart success. “I feel like this is my ‘Send in the Clowns’, which was the late Stephen Sondheim’s greatest hit and probably the most random of an incredible career and life-changing music. But I’ll take it!

Miranda also said he never thought “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” would be the most popular of Encanto songs because, in his experience, it’s never the songs sung by the band that really win over the fans.

Encanto ruined his [SPOILER] Twist Twice in his best song

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But the song at has won over fans – millions and millions of them – so much so that it’s not uncommon to see memes inspired by Bruno or the song of the Encanto soundtrack. The film is so popular, the humor inspired by Encantothe characters resonate.

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Even the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show entered into the humor of EncantoThe music of – tapping into the same lyrical spirit that created the songs that fans can’t get out of their heads to, well, help fans get the songs out of their heads.

Jimmy Kimmel hosted Lin-Manuel Miranda on his show, Jimmy Kimmel Live! earlier this week. The couple spoke Miranda’s Oscar nomination for Best Original Song, which was neither “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” nor “Surface Pressure”, and on music by Disney’s 60th animated feature.

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The audience burst into laughter, however, when Kimmel played a clip featuring Lin-Manuel Miranda as “the head of research at Bruno Pharmaceuticals.” In the track, which is actually a promo for a “medicine” called “Encantix”, Miranda attempts to sell consumers on the new treatment aimed at curing fans’ obsession with singing songs like “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” on a loop.

The clip is called “Are Encanto Are the songs ruining your life? Lin-Manuel Miranda can help!

“Are you one of the millions of Americans who can’t get enough of Encantoreads the clip’s description on YouTube. Do you have an uncontrollable urge to sing and dance to his irresistibly catchy songs? Lin-Manuel Miranda offers hope.

In one scene from the commercial, a mother talks about the problem in her home (as her children sing the lyrics to “We’re not talking about Bruno” and her husband moves to the beat of the song in the background), saying that her kids used to listen to the song “two, maybe three HUNDRED times a day,” but she says thanks to the new Encantix pill, it’s down to “a solid 125.”

Encantix Lin Manuel Miranda

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Miranda explains that Encantix (the brand name for the drug “earblokinase”) is the first pill of its kind not to be taken by mouth, but rather placed in the ear – one pill in each ear. Encantix offers users a break “from the sonic delights of National Treasure Lin-Manuel Miranda”.

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In fine print read aloud by a voiceover, the ad states that the Encantix pill “is not intended for use in curbing hamilton, Moana, or any other Disney musical,” referring to other Lin-Manuel Miranda projects.

Encantix Lin Manuel Miranda

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The ad’s disclaimer urges users to call their doctor if they “can’t stop talking about Bruno for more than four hours.” He also warns them that “Encantix can cause exploding jazz hands”, after which Miranda’s hands explode.

frozac encantix lin manuel miranda

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If you are interested in Encantix, know that it must be safe. After all, it comes from the creators of “Frozac”.

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