The Lone Bellow Announces “Love Songs For Losers” Project



The Solitary Bellows. Photo: Eric Ryan Anderson

The lonely bellowsthe new album of, Love songs for losers, will be released on November 4. The group recently shared their new single “Honey,” a reflection on lasting love filled with honesty and wisdom.

“‘Honey’ came thinking about how my wife doesn’t like being called ‘honey’ or ‘baby’ – she thinks it’s lazy, it always rubs her the wrong way,” says lead singer Zach Williams. “It turned into a song about wanting sometimes to go back to when we were first in love, when everything was crazy and exciting and we were about to ruin each other’s lives at any moment. .”

The fifth feature film by the Nashville-by-way-of-Brooklyn trio, Love songs for losers presents the first single “Gold”, which examines the real impact of the opioid crisis.

Unlike their past work with producers like Aaron Desner of The National and Grammy winner David Cobb, the trio set out on their own for the first time. After sketching the album’s 11 songs at a nearby church, the band holed up in Roy Orbison’s former home on Old Hickory Lake with the longtime bassist. Jason Pikin and drummer Julien Dorio. Co-produced by guitarist Brian Elmquist and Jacob Sweat, Love songs for losers also finds Pipkin taking the reins as vocal producer.

“One of the reasons we went with Love songs for losers like the title of the album is that I always saw myself as a loser in love – I was never able to figure it all out,” Williams says. “The songs are about bad relationships and wonderful relationships and everything in between, sometimes with a lot of levity. This is us just trying to encapsulate the full range of experiences we all go through as people. ‘Human being.

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