The Ever-Important “Choosing To Fall” Moment In Country Love Songs



When I listen to country love songs, I find myself drawn to one of two types.

The first is the longtime love song.

It’s the song about the couple who have been together for a while and already have an established relationship. They already know each other and already know where their relationship is. They are stable and happy and just want to enjoy their time together.

Think “In Spite of Ourselves” by John Prine and Iris DeMent, “She and I” by Alabama and “If We Were Vampires” by Jason Isbell and Unit 400.

Now, the other type of love song that appeals to me is just the opposite. It’s the love song “Choose to Fall”.

These songs describe the moment when a person finally chooses to open up to another person.

As listeners, we may hear someone decide that they are ready to possibly be hurt or rejected because that person, that potential love is worth the risk.

Maybe I just like the cheesy side or read too many romance novels, but I can’t help but be drawn to these songs almost every time.

I mean, the “choice” that is the catalyst around these songs is super compelling and relatable. We all want someone to choose us or someone to be worth it, right?

Take a look at the following songs, and see if you too want to choose to fall (have it?) for this type of country love song.

“Scale These Walls” by Caroline Spence

Be patient while I analyze the lyrics of this song too much.

The singer is someone who’s been in “fight or flight” mode all her life, but now she has someone she wants to be with, to break through her walls.

But the song is more complex than that as the singer says she built her walls for that other person as if she was closing herself off to her potential.

Now she wants that other person to climb her walls, but she’s also tearing down her own walls.

The song shows that for love and a relationship to work, all parties have to be willing to put in the effort.

Memorable lyrics: “So I’ll let you in brick by brick / ‘Cause I don’t wanna hold back now”

“Fix” by Morgan Wade

I really like this song because if it shows that the relationship is already established, “Mend” is this moment when the singer finally lets her partner help her.

The singing partner leaves the singer, but this forces the singer to come to terms with the fact that she wants this person in her life.

She was holding back in the relationship and let that person go, but soon realized she didn’t want him to leave.

It is the epitome of choosing to love someone. The singer literally chooses to try to keep this person with her by finally opening up.

Memorable lyrics: “I don’t know what’s wrong with me, / But you came and finally I saw / The kind of love I need”

“Shake the Frost” by Tyler Childers

Similar to Morgan Wade’s song, “Shake the Frost” shows a couple at some sort of breaking point, and the singer is forced to come to terms with their feelings and actions towards the other person.

Another aspect of this “choice” of love is learning to compromise and be the person your partner needs. In this song, the singer realized that he needed to show his love more through urges and express himself emotionally.

With many of these songs, the choice to fall in love with someone comes with the responsibility to overcome your own inhibitions and traumas.

Memorable lyrics: “So I let that car sit there / When I should have taken you driving / With the windows down while the music was playing”

“Cover Me” by Jason Isbell

Again, this song is about choosing to heal yourself in order to be what your partner needs them to be.

The singer has a lover, but he does not fully trust them. His life choices and his lack of sobriety cause him to test his partner and push him away.

But his choice to get sober allows him to reconnect with his partner and assure him now that he’s good enough and that he chose him.

Memorable word: “So cover me up and know you’re enough to use me for good”

“Where Do I Sign” by Brett Eldredge

Now, this song is more about convincing someone to choose you despite their worries or trust issues.

In fact, I really like this song because the singer has already chosen this person. It’s also unique because the singer and the other person are adults who are fully formed and have everything together.

A lot of songs about choosing to love someone or give yourself to someone have one or both people going through trauma.

In Eldredge’s song, the other person is healed from past love trauma and living their life together, and now the singer and that person are in a healthy place to try to be something.

Memorable lyrics: “We’ll get together whenever you need it / I’ll give you space but I’ll cross your mind”

“Who You Thought I Was” by Brandy Clark

I admit Clark’s song is a breakup song, which doesn’t usually lend itself to being a good song about choosing to love someone. Because, well, there’s not a lot of love going on…

The reason I think this song falls into this category is that the singer puts aside (or at least wants to put aside) her own desires and dreams in order to be the best version of herself for the person she loves.

Again, even though the relationship has already passed, the singer makes a conscious choice to continue loving this person.

Memorable lyrics: “Now I wanna be the me/I should have been when we were together”

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