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If there’s one thing you can say for sure about Alter Bridge, it’s that their fans are fully committed to supporting the band. So when we included silver tongue In last week’s Tracks Of The Week hoedown, it was no surprise to see the troops rallying on social media, handing the band a convincing and well-deserved win.

Trailing in second and third place were Thorbjørn Risager & The Black Tornado’s Fire inside (opens in a new tab)and monster-truck Take my things and go (opens in a new tab), but they are all winners in our book. Even the losers.

This week? It’s more of a musical mayhem, as eight contenders line up for a week of roughs and sonic drops. Dont forget to vote.


Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown – There’s Nothing Watered Down

This first taste of Shakedown’s new album is a dynamic, rootsy co-write between Tyler and his wife Rebecca Lovell (she from Larkin Poe). As Tyler explains, this set the tone for what was to follow – that is, a return to their bluesy roots. “When Caleb, Graham and I started talking about what we wanted to do next, we kept thinking about going back to our original roots as a band,” he says. “A lot of it was steeped in low blues and rock and roll. One morning I was discussing a little idea for a song with my wife and Isn’t it watered down was born. Everything fell into place so naturally.

Maison Bourbon – Resonate

Old-school and proud, Wisconsin’s Bourbon House sports the smoky warmth and buzz of its namesake, a slew of honkytonk touches and a flash of flashy guitar soloing – and it’s all packed into this frenzied new single. “We’re inspired by so many rock music pioneers of the 60s and 70s,” says singer Lacey Crowe, “we wanted to pay homage to them by creating a track that’s not just influenced by them, but is a nod What these decades of rock bands accomplished with their music is timeless and still resonates today.

Tedeschi Truck Band – Soul Sweet Song

A lush and loving tribute to Tedeschi Trucks keyboardist Kofi Burbridge (who died in 2019, the day the band’s magnificent Signs album was released), sweet soul song encapsulates the kind of light yet rich textures, moodiness and liquid sunshine that this bluesy rock n’ soul collective does well. Taken from the latest episode of their four-album narrative epic I am the moon (inspired by the same old Arabic Romeo and Juliet style story that inspired Derek and the Dominoes Layla), it’s a great Allmans-y gateway into the TTB universe.

Primus – Follow the Fool

Take a walk on the weird side with Les Claypool and his band of eccentric virtuosos, as they bring you this strangely addictive track of distant rock oddity – fresh off the new EP Conspiranoid, which is available now. Imagine ZZ Top Barn hook, with extra bounce, pushed through some kind of messed up Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole, and you’re in the right ballpark.

Avantasia feat Floor Jansen – Disappeared among the angels

All symphonic sensations. All mahoosive top notes. A guitar solo you can sing. Piano that MM. Mercury and Steinman would approve. Synths for days. Want a powerful ballad? Oh, we’re giving you a mighty ballad – a planet-sized affair, with Nightwish’s Floor Jansen singing for his life alongside Tobias Sammet. Extract of A paranormal evening with the Moonflower Societywhich comes out October 21.

Tuk Smith & The Restless Hearts – Ballad of an Abused Youth

A few years ago, everything looked rosy in Tuk Smith’s garden. The former Biters frontman was back with a new band, The Restless Hearts, there was an album on the way, and they had been announced as opening for the Stadium Tour. A pandemic later? The album had been shelved and the tour had started without them. But there is hope. new single Ballad of an ill-spent youth suggests they would have been comfortable in those stadiums – the riff is straight out of Keith Richards’ playbook – and a proper debut album is due later this year. It’s good that he’s back.

Tongue of Earth – Miraculous Death

A few years ago, Los Angeles quintet Here Lies Man successfully answered the question, “What would Black Sabbath and Fela Kuti look like if you put them together?”, and now Earth Tongue, from New Zealand, did the same with Sabbath and Stereolab. new single miraculous death features a monster fuzz of a riff from guitarist Gussie Larkin, but his voice floats above it all like some kind of celestial creature who accidentally got trapped on the dark side. Like a Hammer House film set to music, the divine mingled with sweet damnation.

Grace McKagan feat. Electric Boots – K-Town

Grace McKagan wrote K-Town with Eagles Of Death Metal frontman Jess Hughes (he’s the “Boots Electric” in the equation) during lockdown, and it might just be the funniest song to come out any pandemic. It’s a bit bubblegum but also a bit dirty, like Toni Basil’s Mickey could be if it was customized with a faster fuel injection system and stripes. There are squeaky vocals, silly lyrics, crazy sound effects, and a fatter bassline than a crew of mechanics after a 12-hour shift. The video also features another McKagan, Grace’s sister Mae.

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