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No Romantic Playlist is Complete Without These Best Love Songs

Ah, my love. It is everywhere around us, anchored in our hearts and, sometimes, in our fondest memories. It’s hard to sum up exactly how you feel for the person you love, but luckily you have the best love songs to help express your feelings.

The best love songs are timeless, sentimental, and make your heart beat when you think of your soul mate. Of course, there are great love and relationship quotes that sum up what love is capable of, but there is nothing like moving lyrics and sweet melodies that fill your head with memories and dreams. delicious. While you’re brainstorming Valentine’s Day ideas for this year (like picking out a romantic movie to watch with your sweetheart), consider creating the ultimate love playlist that includes the songs below.

We chose songs from different genres based on a number of factors including popularity, influence, commercial and critical success, and of course, how many butterflies you get from listening to. Enjoy!

“Finally” by Etta James

Posted: 1960

Album: Finally!

The most romantic lyrics: “Finally / My love has come”

This timeless love song is the perfect melody for your sweetheart to play. Etta James’ iconic and soulful version of “At Last” makes you want to drop everything and dance in slow motion with your love on the spot. After dancing to this song, read your loved one one of these beautiful love poems.

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