The 20 best rock songs of the moment



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Every month, The FADER brings you the best indie, rock and hardcore songs from around the world (in no particular order).

Paramore, “That’s Why”
Wednesday, “Bull Believer”
Phoenix + Ezra Koenig, “Tonight”
Regulate, “In The Moment”
Winter, “Good” with SASAMI
Lande Hekt, “Backstreet Snow”
These New Southern Whales, “Rotten Sun”
Gridiron, “Playin’ For Keeps”
White Lung, “Date”
Mamalarky, “Shining Amor”
Skinman, “Happy Thought”
Jivebomb, “Primitive Desires”
Jobber, “Hell in a Cell”
Samia, “Kill her panic”

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