The 13 best love songs of 2021 (so far)


It’s 2021, the year Taylor Swift released her re-recording of Intrepid, so this is the list. Thanks for stopping by.

Joke! Principally. With albums due by Adele, Frank Ocean, and If There’s a Lord in Heaven, Lorde, 2021 is set to produce a bountiful crop of love songs. And don’t we deserve it after the isolation and gloom of 2020? Fortunately, just two months later, the collective music industry has created a whole library of love songs to get you started. Yes, the heavyweights are on the way, but you can’t ignore the love party right now.

To keep Olivia Rodrigo’s successful driver’s license off the list, we’re counting both love and sad breakup songs as part of the overall love songs this year. So whether you need a scream at the top of your lungs in the car or a heart scribbled in concrete like the biggest TikTok trend, here are the best love songs of the year so far. .

“Love story (Taylor version)”, Taylor Swift

A tried and true classic, the re-recording of “Love Story” by Taylor, following his saga on the fallout of his label, hits as hard as in college. Maybe harder. The single was released in February and went straight to number one on the country charts, with the rest of the re-recorded album due on April 9. feels.

“If it’s not me”, Dua Lipa

If you love your dance-capable love songs, midlife banger queen Dua Lipa has a 2021 single about being head over heels in love with you. One to blow in the shower until the clubs reopen.

“driving license”, Olivia Rodrigo

TikTok’s influence on the charts has been evident for some time now, but Olivia Rodrigo’s debut single “Driver’s License” took it to the next level. The Lycée Musical: The Musical: The Series The star’s ballad debuted at number one and broke several streaming records, including Spotify’s record for most streams of a song in a single week. Its viral nature is proof that nothing is more universal than teenage heartache.

“Missing”, Syd

A slow, synth-filled R&B track with Syd’s syrupy vocals is a breaking hymn once you’ve gotten over the worst and ready to admit they’re missing out.

“Where you left me”, Taylor Swift

Even if always released in 2020, the deluxe edition released in 2021 features two new songs, including “Right Where You Left Me,” a heavy-string folk song about the struggle to pass from a past love. A good tune for a moody stroll and / or looking out the window longingly.

“Come on”, VanJess

Nigerian-American R&B sister duo VanJess’s “Come Over” is a funky track to groove in your bedroom when you’re in the dizzying phase after the third date.

“Tweety”, Raveena

Another chamber R&B track comes from Raveena. It’s airy and soft; perfect to fall in love.

“Start Over”, Adam Melchor

Adam Melchor is a 24-year-old singer-songwriter from New Jersey with the Acoustic Chops of an Angel. We recommend that you listen to her latest single “Begin Again” on a highway or a walk in the spring afternoon when you are feeling optimistic about your love life. (Scream at its 2018 track “Real Estate” for being one of the best love songs ever, which we couldn’t get on this 2021 songlist for obvious reasons).

“Sainte Rose”, fruit bats

Slow down again with Fruit Bats’ cranky new track “Holy Rose” from their upcoming March album, if your love life calls for more sullen vibes right now.

“About It”, Jasmine Sullivan, Ari Lennox

The gorgeous and sultry vocals of Jasmine Sullivan and Ari Lennox on “On It”, a sexy track on Jasmine Sullivan’s fantastic new album Heaux Tales, is sure to put you in the love mood.

“Anyone”, Justin Bieber

Get all your tunes to Justin Bieber’s Romantic Ballad on Hailey Baldwin now before the world goes back to normal and you have to hear it at every wedding in the couple’s first dance.

“Between us”, dvsn exploit. Snoh Aalegra

The album of the Canadian R&B duo dvsn A muse in his feelings was re-released in 2021 with four new tracks. It’s not one of those four, but we still introduce the sultry “Between Us” with Swedish singer Snoh ​​Aalegra.

“Chinatown”, feat of Bleachers. Bruce springsteen

Technically a late 2020 song, but we’d be remiss to leave “chinatown” off the list. Jack Antonoff has teamed up with Springsteen, a New Jersey native, to create a touching piece to pop on the rooftops when you fall in love. As always, he’s a genius when it comes to creating songs that make you feel like your life is a movie.

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