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Think of this as our petition to rename the set Classic rock kind like Papa Rock. This playlist lets you put on your New Balance 990s, roll up your crew socks, and tackle some household chores. Maybe rearrange the dishwasher, sort the vinyl alphabetically, or go to a home improvement store for plumbing parts. There is something absolutely optimistic about classic rock. It’s a holdover from a time when the American dream was still possible. The white picket fence, 9 to 5 reliable jobs, a partner and 2.5 children all demanded to rebel, but without vitriol or resentment. Classic rock feels good, and none feel better than these ten best classic rock songs of all time.

# 1. “Purple Haze” | Jimi Hendrix

The god of rock will forever reign as No.1 on the classic rock lists. Jimi Hendrix said he wanted people to play his music and panic, which Purple Haze gets you to do on many levels. Guitar riffs take hold of your little music-loving soul and immerse you in the world of Jimi. We don’t blame you if this one repeats for a little while.

# 2. “Lucky son” | Creedence Clearwater Revival

There’s a reason music directors choose Creedence Clearwater Revival for every movie about or around the Vietnam War. Fortunate Son was an anti-war classic rock song from 1969. Then it appeared on all notable 20th century music lists. You don’t need to know its history or cultural significance to just feel the “fuck war, let us live” energy radiating from the melody.

# 3. “Under pressure” | David Bowie and the Queen

How blessed have we been to share this planet with David Bowie? While he and Freddie Mercury returned to stardust, they left us with this absolute treasure of a rock song. These two rock gods looked right into our poor mortal hearts and sang about the universal human condition. Whether your favorite listening is the hype before work, your go-to karaoke duo, or a jukebox staple, we challenge you to listen without you.t; why can’t we give love a chance?

# 4. ‘Seventeen-year-old edge’ | Stevie Nicks

Want to advertise your weekend chores, put those catchy guitar riffs in your headphones. Stevie Nicks plays this song like it’s doing him a favor. Even though Stevie’s voice was mature when she recorded Edge of Seventeen on her debut album, she captures the pain of being seventeen in this classic rock song when she sings The Days That Go By.

# 5. “Dream about” | Aerosmith

If dads had emo-rock, the genre would be born and die on this power ballad. You couldn’t beg the audience to sing along with you these days, but it’s so serious you can’t hate it. One wonders if cynicism was invented in the 80s with cocaine (probably).

# 6. “Piece of my heart” | Janis Joplin

Now come on. Janis Joplin was such a rare and exceptional talent in the pantheon of rock gods. Erma Franklin originally wrote Piece of My Heart, but Joplin brought it to the attention of the general public when she cried and pushed her way through it. She and the screaming guitar riffs sum up the anger, daring and lament of the lyrics.

# 7. “Baba O’Riley” | WHO

When has a synthesizer already Made you feel like Baba O’Reily’s opening? It’s indecent to feel seen by such an old-fashioned instrument, especially a “marimba rehearsal” set to generate the iconic sound. If that classic rock song is coming to the jukebox (or the Spotify playlist, more likely), you should stand in your chair and belt it up.

# 8. “You really got me” | The Kinks

If this list hasn’t already been clear, we love to pilot guitar riffs layered over construction vocals that express something about human conditions. You Really Got Me does it all, plus a fairly simple chorus to sing along to. As far as dads go, this is the perfect classic rock song to marry your rock and roll theories to your offspring, regardless of the generation gap.

# 9. “Free bird” | Lynryd skynrd

If you’re at a rock concert and someone isn’t yelling “FREEBIRD,” you’re not at a rock concert. He is the classic rock song.

#ten. “You shook me all night” | AC DC

If it lights up on the radio while you ride a carpool, you roll the window down, turn up the volume, and share how you snuck into an AC / DC gig in high school as your kids get down a bit more in their seats. . Does it still hold? Now that AC / DC is working on a drinks empire which includes Thunderstruck Tequila, they have tarnished their reputation as classic cool. But the song is still rocking.

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