Stories and songs from December 24 to 26



Cabin radio

Cabin Radio is your perfect accompaniment to Christmas in 2021. Tune in from 12:00 MT on Christmas Eve until the end of Boxing Day to listen to festive music and stories.

You can listen live through the Cabin Radio website or get the Cabin Radio app to listen to anywhere in the world.

On Christmas Eve, join your narrator, Maria, for Christmas poems and stories – including a mix of classics and others you may never have heard before – from noon until late.


On Christmas Day Sarah Vaughan offers a special two-hour Cabin Classics starting at 9am, celebrating the holiday season with the best classic mix you’ll find.

Then, from 11am on Christmas Day until late, we bring you more stories and hundreds of festive tracks – hits and songs you’ve never heard before – without any commercials getting in your way.

Boxing Day mixes our Sunday morning of classical music, jazz and soul with an afternoon the opportunity to drink in the spirit of the holidays one last time, starting at 12 noon.

Mornings at the Cabin, 90s at 9, Lunchtime News and Home to the Cabin return in January 2022, as do the full lineup of our more than 40 locally produced shows each week.

Happy holidays to you and your family!



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