‘Stop glorifying guns and drugs in your songs or elsewhere…’ Punjabi singers face Mann Music


Concerned about the promotion of gun and drug culture in Punjabi music videos, Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann asked young singers who have large followings to refrain from using such themes and put them caution if they continue to violate “ethical” codes.

The Rs 700 crore Punjabi music industry has been under the scanner with popular singers releasing songs and videos that covertly or openly spread violence, animosity and gun culture.

“Punjab is also a rich heritage and culture, and today’s singers who are hugely successful among young people not only in the state but around the world should consider refraining from such themes,” Bhagwant Mann said.

The chief minister said the glorification of violent themes in popular media had led to an increase in anti-social activities in the state. Mann said Punjabi artists and their work should play a constructive role in maintaining the state’s rich cultural heritage.

“It is our primary duty to convince these singers not to encourage violence through their songs which often pervert young people, especially impressionable-minded children. As a first step, we ask them not to support such tendencies, otherwise the government would be forced to act harshly against them,” Mann said.

Agreeing with the CM, Punjab Transport Minister Laljit Singh Bhullar said, “Punjab stands for peace, harmony and brotherhood. Those singers who have a strong following among young people should make sure their albums revolve around these themes rather than propagating violence.

The Punjabi music industry has produced several prominent singers like Sidhu Moosewala, Sherry Mann, Jazzy B, AP Dhillon and many more. However, part of the singers drew attention to the promotion of gun and drug culture in their songs. Moosewala has FIRs filed against him for promoting albums with provocative themes.

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