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Pearl Jam just released their latest album. gigaton about two years ago, but guitarist Stone Gossard confirmed that they had already recorded some songs for their next album.

While the rockers were scheduled to tour North America in support of the album in March 2020, the COVID pandemic brought it and the rest of the world to a halt. The band have been delaying rescheduling dates since then as the state of the tour was still risky as numbers rose and fell again and again, but now they will officially hit the road later this year.

So they didn’t even get a chance to tour to support gigaton again, and they already have a solid basis for its follow-up. They are not joking.

“We recorded a few songs. We are on our way. We make music,” said Gossard ResultPodcast Network. “It’s important for us to maintain that irreverence towards songwriting, in terms of throwing out rough vocals, tackling stuff, trying stuff.”

Several members of Pearl Jam have also been busy with side projects and solo material since the release of Gigaton. Matt Cameron has released music with his band Nighttime Boogie Association with Taylor Hawkins, Gossard’s Painted Shield will release its second album in April and Eddie Vedder’s third solo album earthling just released in February.

Vedder worked a bit with Ozzy Osbourne producer Andrew Watt on earthling and performed with him on his backing tour this year, Pearl Jam has therefore decided to work with him on their next album as well. Apparently, he’s a huge Pearl Jam fan, and according to Gossard, he can play their songs better than them.

“We’ve been recording with him a bit, so we already have some things going on, and they’re killer,” the guitarist revealed to Turn in a separate interview earlier this month. “We’re excited. Andrew is a total character. Really, like immediately, we were writing fast. Spontaneously. Bring a riff. Knock it out. Matt Cameron playing his ass. We didn’t bring any equipment. Andrew’s basement in Beverly Hills, basically. So far so good.

Pearl Jam’s 2022 tour will kick off in May and run through September. See the full itinerary here.

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