Stephanie Quayle’s self-titled album is a force of nature



Let me set the scene for you.

There’s a sure-footed, sure-sounding cowgirl who sings about life and love as she walks through a stage with unfeigned delight. His songs are both familiar and new, but overall they are true country anthems. This is what it’s like to see country singer Stephanie Quayle perform.

And now Quayle has a new collection of songs for his fans to sing along to.

His self-titled album was released in late April 2022 and includes eight new tracks. Quayle, who grew up in Bozeman, Montana, took time out on tour (thanks Covid) to record these songs. The free time put Quayle in a unique headspace and she was able to rediscover some of her feelings for her music. Thereby, Stephanie Quayle is largely a love song album.

“This album is such a labor of love,” Quayle told the American songwriter. “Is that how we keep making music? We found a way. How do we continue to release music? We found a way. And that’s really what this album means to me. It’s such a set of songs for love and also for myself.

One of the songs on the record, “Lone Ranger,” is one of those love songs, and it’s perhaps the band’s most serious. “I think it’s the most love song of all love songs to say there will never be another,” Quayle said. “My husband is kind of like, it’s pretty intense. I’m like, ‘It’s meant to be!’ I really feel it and I love playing this song.

“[It]is a little western for me,” she adds.

Rather sorrow be my friend and love be a stranger
‘Cause if I gotta ride with somebody else, it ain’t you
I’d rather be a lone ranger

Another song on the record, “I Want the World for You”, helped Quayle eradicate his “self-criticism” and “impostor syndrome”. And “We Buy Gold” has a depth that leads Quayle to call it a “thinker.”

“And when that song hit me was when my little brother was getting married in 2020,” Quayle says of “We Buy Gold.” “And we had this song for years. Like we tried to tap it once before, but it didn’t quite pan out…It came together when my brother was walking down the aisle during COVID at this very, very small wedding. They found a way to do it. It was like, okay, the world is weird in those days and people are still falling in love and they’re still finding love and they’re still getting married. And that’s “We’re buying gold”, isn’t it? Like, come what may, when all is said and done, [we find love].”

Other songs like “Hang My Hat” and “Light My Way” are fan favorites, but Quayle had another surprise up her sleeve for her. Stephanie Quayle Release.

Alongside the release of her album, Quayle announced her partnership with boot brand Lucchese. The singer has worked with high-end bootmakers to release her own line of boots. “It’s incredibly awesome,” the singer says of her partnership. “I think for the starter line, [it] is a dream come true. I always wanted to do this. So to see that happen, and then correlate with the release of the album, it’s crazy and really special.

“I’ve been a huge Lucchese fan for many years,” she continues. And after performing at Lucchese-sponsored events over the years, the brand came up with a collaboration. “They just said, ‘How do you feel about doing a line together? And I got out of my boots. Like, ‘Are you serious? What an honor.’

“I’ve collected boots all my life. From theft from my mother to theft from my stepmother [to] steal those of my sister… I also tried to steal my brothers. But I collect. And so I have a very wide range of these vintage boots that have something that caught my eye. My thought was maybe one day I would have my own line. So it’s really special.

From cowboy boots to love songs, Stephanie Quayle is an unstoppable creative force. Check out Quayle’s starter line with Lucchese HERE and his self-titled album HERE.

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