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The 2022 holiday season will soon bring the return of Thanksgiving. This family occasion can be a joyous or chaotic night due to the colorful personalities of friends and relatives. Whether you’re thrilled to have a rambunctious family reunion or are looking forward to some eggnog to get you through the long night, these celebratory songs will help you feel grateful this Thanksgiving.

#1: “Thank you for the music” by ABBA

Released in 1977 by the Swedish pop supergroup, “Thank You for the Music” is an anthem that expresses gratitude to the beloved family members who gave the band confidence. This song has the potential to be used as the perfect family greeting or send-off for Thanksgiving night. “Thank You for the Music” is a heartfelt song that celebrates family quirks.

The group remembers supportive parents who celebrated their childhood creativity. Plus, they sing about their goal of spreading that love through their music. If you want to show your family how grateful you are this Thanksgiving, “Thank You for the Music” presents a form of love and appreciation that’s hard to verbalize in words alone.

#2: “We Are Family” by Sister Sledge

In 1979, multi-genre musical group Sister Sledge released the disco-themed holiday track “We Are Family” on the album of the same name. This song is about the joy and confidence that comes with a supportive family. As a group made up entirely of sisters, Sister Sledge sings about the simple happiness of being surrounded by loved ones during the holidays.

If your family’s Thanksgiving needs a pick-me-up after a night filled with gossip and pandemonium, this is the perfect song to end the night. Small apprehensions are left for a cheerful dance song that evokes a house filled with laughter.

#3: “Everyone Eats When They Come To My House” by Cab Calloway

Calloway, an American jazz singer, is the perfect Thanksgiving night host on the 1942 single “Everybody Eats When They Come To My House.” Calloway glides through a groovy melody as he names each family member who attends his table. Additionally, the sweet story of the song involves providing foods that every guest craves during cold winter nights.

“Everyone eats when they come to my house” is perfect if you want to give a certain family member a hint to be a better host this year. The song is also suitable for those who love soft jazz to help them dance through the holiday night. Calloway’s song is sure to get guests moving once they’ve finished everything on their plates.

#4: “I Have Much to Be Thankful For” by Bing Cosby

Released as part of the soundtrack to the 1942 musical film “Holiday Inn,” Crosby’s song revolves around the central theme of Thanksgiving: gratitude! Crosby’s rich tone and composer John Scott Trotter’s mighty orchestra combine in “I’ve Got Plenty to Be Thankful For,” in which Crosby sings of appreciation for the more mundane aspects of life.

The song is about the beauty of shopping at a convenience store, having arms to share love with, and simply having eyes and ears to gaze at the world. Crosby rejects desires for wealth and fame, showing a preference for day-to-day calm instead. “I’ve Got Plenty to Be Thankful For” is a universally positive listening experience, especially for those keeping to themselves during this year’s festivities.

#5: “Autumn in New York” by Billie Holiday

Released in 1952 as a revival of Vernon Duke’s 1934 classic, Holiday’s “Autumn in New York” is a uniquely atmospheric rendition. Holiday’s distinct and warm voice floats over soft piano melodies, performed by Oscar Peterson, to illustrate the beautiful changes in New York City after the arrival of autumn. From the changing sunlight to more company on her walks, Holiday sings about how the return of fall always brings her joy.

She observes that autumn can turn even the dullest slums into joyous places. However, Holiday also recognizes that these annual celebrations can be painful for those less fortunate. Despite this, she feels that autumn rectifies any potential gloom by also bringing the promise of new beginnings. Therefore, Holiday welcomes the fall season with open arms, thrilled to witness its colorful return every year.

This gentle melody helps soothe the soul by reminding listeners of the surrounding beauty. “Autumn in New York” is the perfect song to de-stress on Thanksgiving night.

#6: “Family is Family” by Kacey Musgraves

American country singer-songwriter Musgraves sheds light on the intricacies of some family dynamics during the holiday season on the 2015 album “Pageant Material.” A song dedicated to less-than-perfect families, Musgraves emphasizes that you don’t have to be like family members — or like them at all — to love them. In this brutally honest and sarcastic song, she tackles messy family situations with dry humor.

However, Musgraves also sings about the joy that fiery parents can bring, if only for one night. This song is perfect as a humorous song to listen to with the family, or as an icebreaker after the inevitable warm moments during Thanksgiving dinner. “Family is Family” is perfectly direct and heartwarming.

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