Silly little love songs, Sonoma style


How many roses should you give for your Valentine’s Day? A rose apparently means “you are the only one”. Giving three roses means “I love you”. Six roses means “I want to be yours”. Nine roses means “I want to be yours forever”. Ten roses (no doubt inspired by the Bo Derek movie) mean “You are perfection”. Giving 11 roses to your loved one means “You are the missing stem that makes a perfect dozen.” “

Lovingly presenting a dozen roses to your partner means that you, as a couple, are perfect.

Of course, to properly place yourself in the “I’m over the moon in love with you” category, you could also sing her a love song. Since love is a very common theme in the song, you shouldn’t have any trouble choosing the perfect melody to express your feelings.

Some members of our large stable of local musicians shared their thoughts on love songs, especially the ones they love to perform. Most will be singing these songs at home this Valentine’s Day because Cupid has been COVID, and he’s also staying at home.

Kerry Daly, singer of the eponymous band Kerry Daly Band and The Sleeping Long Story Short, explained why Kris Kristofferson’s “Me and Bobby McGee” is her favorite love song. Daly said, “I really love performing this song. It’s a classic song of lost love and longing. I close my eyes when I sing songs like this to channel the feelings of the song. And it always goes well too, which makes it even more fun to play. “

Rona Brackett of the vocal group Shameless has told that one of their favorite love songs is “‘Sway” – a hit for the Pussycat Dolls in 2004 – because she is sweet, sexy and romantic, but very now because it is in Spanish. “We hope that Dreamers are safe and that immigrants will be loved and respected again for all they do to bring their beautiful customs here to share with everyone,” she said.

Mark Dennis, who performs a duet with his friend Mark Willson and also directs the Vox Populi ensemble, contributed another thoughtful comment. He wrote: “That might be a weird response, my favorite love song is Bonnie Raitt’s ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’ because it captures the feeling of unrequited love in such an intense way. The phrase, “You can’t make your heart feel something that it won’t feel” … what a killer. “

From dynamic duo Acoustic Soul, Jackie Holzhauer said, “My favorite love song is Ruthie Foster’s song ‘Real Love’. The title alone grabbed me, but also the passion it evokes and the honesty with which the subject pointedly asked about it if what they have is real. It also gives us the message to be grateful and to celebrate love when we find it. “

Jodi Stevens, co-owner of Sonoma Speakeasy and American Music Hall, wrote that “At Last” is her favorite love song. She wrote: “Etta James was inspirational, an icon and innovator with a breathtaking voice. It was my wedding song.

Splendid Novato pianist Dallis Craft, who plays locally with the New Copasetics, wrote: “The first song that comes to mind is ‘My Funny Valentine’. Ever since I heard Kim Novak sing it in “Pal Joey”, I always make it a point to sing it on Valentine’s Day. I also like “Feels Like Home to Me” by Randy Newman. His classic Americana chords and melodies still resonate with me.

Our lively Ellen Toscano was apparently taken aback by the question. She wrote: “Actually a lot of the songs I sing are angry non-love songs like ‘You Oughta Know’, ‘Exes and Ohs’ and’ I Will Survive. ””

Then she warmed up and proposed: ‘J’adore chanter’ (If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To ‘by Weezer. I usually sing it as a duet and it’s a really cute, quick, and fun song about a couple, their history and their engagement.

Graham Edwards is the head of local band Loosely Covered (performing at Murphy’s Irish Pub on February 13). He wrote: “My favorite is ‘Everlong’ from the Foo Fighters. For me, love is an endurance race, not a sprint. And the song’s call to never give up, even when I say when, just nails that feeling to me. In fact, that line was in my wedding vows, with an allocation of credit, of course. “

Group leader and Glen Ellen winemaker Rich Little mentioned one of his own compositions as his favorite love song to perform. “Send a Kiss to Me” was written for his wife, Joan, in 1982. A sweet mid-tempo song, it includes the phrase “And then you came and patted me on the shoulder, one starry night , now send a kiss to me, baby.

Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Rodney Crowell took a moment on a cold night in Nashville, TN, to respond, “Maybe my best is ‘Closer to Heaven,’ a- he said of the song from his 2008 album “Sex and Gasoline”, “because it’s about spiritual love. It is not at all religious, but very prayerful and loving towards creation: friends, family and the natural world. I feel closer to the center when I perform it.

Crowell was a close friend of Texas songwriter Guy Clark, who wrote this writer’s favorite love song, “I Don’t Love You Much Do I”. The simple and heartfelt love song can be found on Clark’s excellent “Boats to Build” album. He sings it in duet with the wonderful Emmylou Harris.

(I’ve only played it once in public, with the equally wonderful Jenni Purcell. Rest assured I’ll be singing it again on Sunday night at a private COVID-protected kitchen concert.)

Sing this song, friends, and happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

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