Sharon Van Etten’s Latest Album, Kathleen Hanna With A Cause, South Korean Indie Rock, And More



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Your friend Sharon is back with the most valuable lesson: put yourself first. With heavy fuzz-laden riffs and a steady marching beat, this driving track of indie folk-rock powerhouse swells with the assured grace needed to see the big picture.

What’s better than dance-worthy punk rock? A punk rock worthy of dancing with a cause. This energetic track by Kathleen Hanna, her Bikini Kill teammate Erica Dawn Lyle and The Raincoats’ Vice Cooler is part of a special compilation album to benefit NEFOC (North Eastern Farmers of Color). NEFOC seeks to return land to Indigenius Nations and reconnect POC farmers to the land. A quick scan of the full line-up track listing convinced us that they’re about to have plenty of eyes and ears tuned into the cause.

Say Sue Me – “Around you”

This peppy track from South Korean quartet Say Sue Me sounds like surf-rock that landed a spot on Top of the Pops. The boppy, vintage feel belies the heady lyricism of a serious case of disappointments. Start playing a track to nod and give yourself plenty of time – you’ll want to dig into the rest of their catalog immediately.

Amanda Whiting, pioneering jazz harpist, puts her vast skills on full display in this sensual and decadent piece of music. With a standing bass and jazz drum kit perfectly complementing an unexpected jazz trio, this track is both serene and deeply provocative. Press play to find yourself hooked on the edge of every plucked string, top hat, and deeply reverberating note.

Lalin St Juste – “I believe in things”

A comforting truth to cling to is that in this lifetime, none of us go it alone – all you have to do is believe. In this meditative track, Bay Area-based artist and The Seshen singer Lalin St. Juste invokes the protection and power of her Haitian ancestry to guide her present moment. No matter where your lineage is, press play to find strength through inner exploration and belief.

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