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Before the release of his new single can i call Dreamy luxurious pop artist Sasha March describes her favorite love songs, all of which have helped inspire her own music.

Are you fine? –Lucinda Williams

Such an atmosphere. She is a pro at saying just what needs to be said. And that voice! It’s so full of pain and strength. It’s beautiful. I like the repetition of the question after each line “are you okay?” and how much she thinks so. It is such a powerful offering of comfort and tenderness. Not necessarily a love song, but a song for a loved one – in her case, featuring her brother who has disappeared from her life. Certainly a source of inspiration for my track “Can I Call”.

“Do you sleep all night?

Do you have someone to hold you tight?

Do you have someone to go out with?

Do you have someone to hug and kiss you?

I hug you and kiss you

I kiss you and kiss you”

I don’t know how to keep loving you – Julia Jacklin

She perfectly hits the feelings that make you want to laugh and cry at the same time.

It’s so relatable and balances out the dilemma of how to grow, change, stay or leave a situation so well. His voice is striking. His delivery of the story is effortless. The guitar sounds are also damn good and rock you with the whole band. I love this piece.

“I don’t know how to keep loving you

Now that I know you so well”…

Strangers – Tia Gostelow with LANKS

It builds a truly vivid sonic dreamy nightscape. Floating harmonies, easy vocals and production soften a lingering sense of impermanence. It’s a super catchy melody and hook. Strangers coming home at night is such a good description for a love song!

“Sit a while, look at the moon

Dive lightly into your glow

With the lights on

Two bodies floated

We were strangers wandering home”

Condemned – Moses Sumney

A breathtaking song! Sonically euphoric and moving. Sustained, deep synth chords are the undercurrent that swells and falls with Moses’ unearthly vocals – it’s ridiculously beautiful. Lyrically, it’s so powerful too. I can dip this one over and over again. It is a meditation.

“Am I vital

If my heart is inactive?

Am I doomed?”…..

“If the absence of love is impiety

Do you want to throw me on the side of the road? »

1950 – King Princess

It’s a really fun hot trail. The production space invites you to really sit in it, which is appealing. The breaks build anticipation so you can love her even more, every time her beautiful, raspy vocals and upbeat chorus kick in. I love the songwriting. There is shyness. It’s a perfect tender love song without being cheesy.

“Did you mean it when you said I was pretty?”

That you didn’t want to live in a city

where people suck”

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