Sammy Hagar’s Rarest Songs: Playlist



Sammy Hagar has released some very famous songs but also several that even his most hardcore fans might not know.

The video playlist embedded below begins with a quick look at Hagar’s 13 rarest B-sides, bonus tracks and soundtrack contributions, followed by YouTube videos for each song.

In a career that dates back to 1973 with Montrose’s highly influential self-titled debut, Hagar has garnered an impressive collection of gold and platinum albums both as a solo artist and as Van Halen’s second frontman. Hits such as “I Can’t Drive 55”, “There’s Only One Way to Rock”, “Dreams” and “Why Can’t This Be Love?” have become classic rock radio staples.

The much less famous rarities highlighted below include a pair of tracks left over from the particularly successful sessions of Hagar’s solo commercial breakthrough in 1982. Hampton standing, his contributions to the soundtracks of Free from all ties, Fast times at Ridgemont High and Sylvester Stallone’s arm wrestling opus On top, as well as songs released only on the Japanese version of his first post-Van Halen solo album, 1997 March to Mars.

You will find an extended version of a piece of what was to be his farewell to his solo career (1987’s I never said goodbye) and the only B-side non-album Van Halen ever released, a song Hagar helped complete more than a decade after Eddie Van Halen first recorded it.

The playlist also includes two bonus tracks: a vinyl-only track from Chickenfoot’s 2009 debut and five previously unreleased songs from Hagar’s brief stint with Journey guitarist Neal Schon on HSAS.

Sammy Hagar’s Rarest Songs: A Playlist

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