Rock hard, hug the moon and demand “more cowbell”



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KCRW Music Intern Kai Wayans said it best: “This track is a warm, feathery hug from the moon.” The Flaming Lips offer a sweet, dreamy take on Nick Cave’s beloved song, delicately cradled by singer Nell, the teenage superfan who caught singer Wayne Coyne’s attention during a show in Calgary wearing a parrot costume in the pit. Nell has since ventured to record a collaborative album with the band. If you are in a Nick Cave kind of mood, don’t miss KCRW’s public debut Bent By Nature Live Performance Archiveand while you’re there, enter to try your luck win some tix to see the lips here in LA. How’s that for a bounty?

Looking for a new edge? Head straight to London, non-stop. Louis Culture is the fluid artist who mixes house and funk with rap roots as part of South London’s Elevation Meditation collective. This track is everything you love about an R&B x hip-hop mix, updated with dancefloor sensibility and a hot party music video. Put on this one to signal a shift change at your next house party and quietly collect your cool points.

Speaking of recontextualized rap, here’s a punchy verse to complement any hearty musical banquet. Canadian music project Badge Époque Ensemble launched their mix of beats n’ brass in 2019, catching the attention of the nu-jazz scene. On this last track, they teamed up with other Ontarians Lamping to create the instrumental hip-hop jam of your dreams. Crowning a deeply satisfying mix of lo-fi beats, jazz horns and languid, sexy-cool-funk-rock elements with rap bars to take your clothes off…. Well, what more could you ask for?

JAMBINAI – “from the place has been erased (Feat. swja)”

Gird up your loins: It’s the season of big sound. This tortured track by Korean avant-rock band JAMBINAI features hard-rock riffs punctuated by the groan of traditional Korean instruments. A haunting performance video suggests an endless abyss, and the mournful lyrics about oblivion and regret will set this one at home in your macabre mix. Fans of Trent Reznor and Unkle, take note.

How about a Chilean cowbell to complete the whole thing? Singer-songwriter and two-time Latin Grammy nominee Alex Anwandter delivers a fun, sultry single that’s perfectly suited to his brilliant, vice-edited video (for a good while, don’t miss it). Powered by a disco clap-track beat and built around a synthetic bass core, this track will keep you guessing between booty shakes. Bubbles!

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