Ricky Eat Acid’s “Three Love Songs” Inhabit the Liminal Space Between Intimacy and Detachment



Original release date: January the 21th, 2014
Label: Orchid ribbons

Barely eight years ago and yet barely recognizable today, 2014 was a year of transition for music.

The digital underground of free mixtapes and chamber pop clashed with major label artists, narrowing the gap between indie and mainstream playgrounds. Beyoncé was working with James Blake, Frank Ocean was collaborating with Alex G, poptimism was taking root through the prism of pop feminism, and suddenly everyone with a blog had an incredibly urgent opinion on Miley Cyrus. Meanwhile, the artists at PC Music were laying the groundwork for what would eventually evolve into the super-processed, subversive hyperpop sound of today. A 22-year-old producer and songwriter from Baltimore, Maryland, however, was oblivious to these shifting sands, creating a sonic world that was at odds with broader musical trends.

Sam Ray designs records as most people dream; not as a linear narrative with a strict framework, but as a series of moments that follow a subliminal logic. His official debut album under his electronic alias, Ricky Eat Acid, is a deeply connected album that draws much of its inspiration from the details of everyday life. from flashing taillights to a set of running lights, a patch of sunlight falling on a bed undone somehow. As Ray himself said in an interview at the time: “I was always driving alone past roadworks at night. I tried to figure out, how can I get this weird feeling that I can’t explain to people in a song? »

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