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“Lucky People” – Water Parks

Waterparks is not generally known for its “lovey-dovey” music. A song like “I Miss Having Sex But At Least I Don’t Want To Die Anymore” sets up that kind of facade, overshadowing their more sentimental hits.

“Lucky People” is romantic in the simplicity of its lyrics. You don’t need to dig too deep into what Awsten Knight says, because all you need to know is on the surface.

Accompanying the simple nature of the words, it is perfectly supported by a light acoustic guitar cycle in the background. That’s what makes this song admirable, and why this list wouldn’t be complete without it.

“Promise Me – Acoustic” – Badflower

To slow it down is a toned down version of one of Badflower’s greatest songs. Unlike Waterparks, their music tends to be heard on the side of heavier topics like mental health, politics, and grief. The acoustic version of “Promise Me” does not disappoint.

This song is a story. It’s about a couple who vowed never to grow old without each other by their side. Lyrically, the song becomes increasingly heartbreaking as you realize the narrator knows his lover is dying but doesn’t want to accept it.

In a way, the music tells the same story as it degrades alongside the narrator. No matter which version you listen to, it’s all bittersweet. I just feel like this version drives the point home.

“The Undertaker’s Daughter (Overture III)” – Black Veil Brides

This should be preceded by saying that this is a completely different version of the original song. “The Mortician’s Daughter” came with the Black Veil Brides debut studio album “We Stitch These Wounds”. The track in question was released ten years later in the revised version titled “Re-Stitch These Wounds”. I prefer this version because it says so much more than words can describe.

There are no lyrics in this version, and it’s the interlude in the middle of the album. Either version of the song is meant to be romantic, and the symphonic gives the image of a couple of people dancing slowly in the rain. Black Veil Brides is definitely not for everyone, but it’s the song you should listen to if you’re a hopeless romantic.

The romance doesn’t end there. I’ve created a playlist to check out if you’re in the mood to get sappy.

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