Resurrected remixes three classic songs from its soundtrack



Blizzard is releasing three remixed songs from the Diablo 2: Resurrected soundtrack that are both nostalgic and uplifting.

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Diablo 2: resurrected releases on September 23, bringing back one of the most exciting ARPGs ever made. Diablo 2: resurrected is an authentic recreation of the original Diablo 2, but with updated visuals and a revamped user interface and multiplayer system. Blizzard studio Vicarious Visions wants Diablo 2: resurrected be everything classic ARPG was and more. With that in mind, Blizzard shared a few Diablo 2 remixed music, conveying this theme of authenticity and modernization.

Three remixed songs from Diablo 2: resurrected The soundtrack was shared by Blizzard on Tuesday. They have each been published for free on the official website Diablo YouTube channel, as part of the construction of Diablo 2: resurrectedthe Liberation. All three tracks include songs from the town of Tristram, Wilderness from Act 1, and finally the song Outro from the Lord of Destruction expansion. Obviously, Blizzard chose three of the Diablo 2the most iconic options of its impressive soundtrack.


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Two different musicians were chosen to remix the three Diablo 2: resurrected Songs. Two were remixed by Josh Carter and the third was remixed by Sueco. Josh Carter is half of the Phantogram group and previously worked with Blizzard on their “Shadowlands Lo-Fi Remix” project for the launch of World of warcraftthe most recent extension of. Carter composed the remixes of Tristram and Wilderness. Sueco is a hip-hop artist from Los Angeles and a star of TikTok and has remixed the Lord of Destruction Outro.

Blizzard created all three songs in a YouTube feed so that Diablo 2 fans got to hear the music together for the first time. While overall Diablo 2 the fans were excited and enjoyed the music, there were also a lot of fans who said they preferred the original music. One YouTube commentator even went so far as to say, “The sanctity of this room has been tainted,” a reference to a line from the original. Diabloprotagonists when they first enter Tristram Cathedral.

The three tracks alone are worth listening to, but Diablo 2 fans might be wondering why more weren’t provided. Full Diablo 2: resurrected the remix of the soundtrack would be quite the album. However, there is no indication that other songs will be remixed in the future. These three songs were just a fun occasion for Diablo 2: resurrectedis marketing.

This shows that even more than 20 years later, these songs by Diablo 2 still resonate with fans. To celebrate the tens of hours, if not the hundreds, that Diablo 2 As gamers heard these songs in the early 2000s, Blizzard cooked up something new to celebrate the return of the ARPG.

Diablo 2: resurrected releases September 23 for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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