Queen Love Songs: 10 Glorious And Sincere Songs


There are 15 Queen songs with “love” in the title, and that was a word that the lead singer Freddie mercury used all the time in conversation. “Most of the songs I write are love ballads and things to do with sadness and torture and pain, but at the same time, it’s frivolous and ironic. It’s basically my whole nature, I guess. I’m a real romantic, ”said Mercury.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’ve featured ten Queen love songs, including their worldwide hits “Somebody to Love” and “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”. These songs reveal the true spirit of the band and their wonderful leader, a singer who has never been afraid to show his emotions and vulnerability through his work.

Funny as love (1974)

Mercury’s attitude towards writing about love has changed over the years, from the optimism of “Funny How Love Is” (from their second album Queen ii) until the mid-1980s, when he wrote daring songs about love being dangerous and referring in interviews to his own love life as a game of Russian roulette.

“Funny How Love Is,” however, was an upbeat, sunny reflection on how ubiquitous love is (“love is everywhere you have to be”). It started out, in the first five takes, as an acoustic song led by a piano, and evolved into a “wall of sounds” track via Mercury’s friend and producer. Robin Cable. “This album was the point where we really got into production and we went completely over the top,” Taylor commented. “Funny How Love Is” was sung with demanding high-end vocals, which was the reason Mercury refused to sing the song in live performances. While there are more famous Queen love songs, “Funny How Love Is” captures the innocence and optimism of the group at the start of their journey.

You take my breath away (1976)

Although Queen is renowned for their catchy rock hits in the stadiums, they are also a band capable of subtlety. One of their most heartfelt love songs is the rare “You Take My Breath Away” from the 1976s. A day at the races album. Mercury tried out the song before the recording session at Hyde Park in London in front of 200,000 people. “It’s a very moving and relaxed act. I didn’t think my voice would come out, ”he recalls. He was so happy with the response from the crowd that he decided with confidence that the song would be on the album.

When Mercury recorded it for the album, he left “You Take My Breath Away” as a single song conducted by a piano, getting multi-track on vocals. Simplicity worked a treat in a slow, haunting ballad about his need for affection. “You can be loved by thousands of people, yet still be the loneliest person,” Mercury remarked of his touching song.

good old boy lover (1977)

Part of the appeal of Queen’s love songs sometimes is that they’re just meant to be fun. Mercury and the band loved ragtime music and it inspired some of their best early music. The song, which is about the thrill of anticipating a night of romance, includes references to famous lover and 1920s icon Rudolph Valentino and drinking wine at London’s iconic Ritz hotel. “Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy” appeared on the A day at the races album and became a staple of their shows in the late 1970s. The band was in such good spirits on recording day that they gave producer Mike Stone some extra lyrics.

One year of love (1986)

Bassist John Deacon described himself as the “silent” of the group, but his shy nature belied a powerful songwriter talent, which he demonstrated with the romantic song “One Year of Love”. The song was originally composed as part of the soundtrack for the 1986 film. mountain dweller, later appearing on the album Some kind of magic.

Guitarist Brian May didn’t perform on this radical love song. Instead, Mercury’s powerful voice is accompanied by the saxophone playing of Steve Gregory, a musician who had performed with The rolling stones, Geno Washington, and Georgie’s fame. Mercury’s unqualified delivery suited Deacon’s romantic imagery, especially in powerful lines such as “A sentimental moment in your arms / is like a shooting star through my heart.”

You are my best friend (1975)

Deacon also wrote the touching love song “You’re My Best Friend”, about his wife, Veronica Tetzlaff, a former trainee teacher from Sheffield. “John didn’t write a lot of songs, but when he did it was big, big hits. “You’re My Best Friend” has become one of the most played songs on American radio, ”said May.

The single, which was released as a follow-up to “Bohemian Rhapsody”, had a sweet Tamla Motown style arrangement and brilliant harmonization. It was successful in the UK and later certified platinum in America, with over a million copies sold. Roger Taylor’s skillful drums on bass, snare and hi-hat pair well with Deacon’s Fender bass. Deacon also played the Wurlitzer EP-200 electric piano on the track, while May worked her usual magic with her famous Red Special guitar. There’s a catchy two-minute version on Queen’s 1979 live album Living killers.

Save me (1980)

The four Queen members wrote love songs. And that also includes the heartbreaking songs. Taylor, for example, wrote the quirky “I’m in love with my car” about a failed relationship (“cars don’t respond”), while May showed off her songwriting skills with the painful “Save Me”, about a love story that was nothing more than a “sham”. May also contributed a touching guitar solo to the track, which appeared on the album. The game, adding to the poignant character of a touching song dressed as a ballad of rising power.

May said he wrote the painful lyrics (“every night I cry / I always believe in a lie”) for a friend whose marriage collapsed in bitterness. May then used the name of the song for her Save Me Trust, a charity that raises money for the protection of wildlife.

The Love of My Life (1975)

“I go through torture and pain in terms of love. I think it’s my natural gift, so that’s all I want to do in my songs. I just want to make myself understood in my songs in the best possible way, ”said Mercury, quoted in the book. Freddie Mercury: A Life in His Own Words. One of his most haunting breakup songs was “Love of My Life,” from the album Night at the Opera. It is believed to be his former lover Mary Austin. “It’s fair to say that she was the love of Freddie’s life,” May said.

The studio version reflected influences from Mercury’s classical music and featured May on the harp (“I remember thinking, ‘I’m going to force him to play’ til his fingers drop! ‘” late Mercury). The duo turned the song into live versions, with Mercury often singing just solo with May playing a 12-string guitar. “Everywhere we did ‘Love of My Life’ the crowd instinctively knew they had to sing it,” said Mercury. “It’s amazing to watch. I didn’t have to tell them: they just automatically knew their role. I like that an audience responds like that.

I was born to love you (1995)

Mercury said writing about love was “actually limitless” and he believed that two of his most valuable love songs – “I Was Born to Love You” and “Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow” – were from his 1985 solo album. Mister villain. He said they were two very personal songs, full of strong emotions. May agreed with Mercury’s assessment and said he was “obsessed” with creating a new Queen version of the old song after Mercury’s death in November 1991.

In 1995, the remaining members of Queen reworked “I Was Born to Love You” for the Made in paradise album, adding new instrumental parts to the original vocals and transforming the disco-influenced track into a hit rock song. “The Queen version was designed as a ‘virtual’ live track, using Freddie’s spectacular voice as a common thread,” added May. “Roger, John and I played our parts live, to a rearranged template I had set up – with a few additions to the arrangement, taking some liberties with the vocals, and even borrowing a few ad-libs from choice of Freddie, to add to the feeling that it was a live band recording. Queen’s “I was born to love you” is a cheerful reminder of Mercury’s enthusiasm for life.

Someone to Love (1976)

Queen’s acrobatic vocal harmonies reached their apotheosis on the hit “Bohemian Rhapsody” – though “Somebody to Love” by A day at the races, is a close second. Mercury said he wanted to write a love song in “Aretha Franklin fashion”, and the result was “Somebody to Love”, infused with gospel music, with extravagant and sweeping lyrics layered over drums, piano and music. fast and rhythmic bass.

“’Somebody to Love’ is a big production act – very, very vocally oriented, which is a very heavy aspect of Queen,” said Mercury. “That’s why ‘Somebody to Love’ is a killer to live with. I’m telling you, it’s very scary, and the first time we did this song, we did it so fast because we just wanted to get it over with. This kind of tracks must be arranged differently. I mean, how could you recreate a 160-piece gospel choir on stage? ”

Crazy Little Thing Called Love (1979)

Adored mercury Elvis Presley and was especially thrilled when “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” became No. 1 in America. “Freddie was very fond of Elvis. It’s kind of Freddie’s tribute to Elvis, ”said May, who played electric guitar on the song and joined in the applause with fellow band members Deacon and Taylor.

Mercury said the song took less than ten minutes to write, while taking a bubble bath at the Hotel Bayerischer Hof in Munich. Later, after walking around the Munich Beer Festival with producer Reinhold Mack, they returned to Musicland Studios and came up with a rough version for The game album. When the rest of the band arrived, they loved the demo and, within hours, they created the final version of a lavish slice of 1950s-sounding pop music. “My songs are commercial love songs and I like to put my emotional talent into it. I write songs like this because what I really care about is love and emotion, ”said Mercury. “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” is a wonderfully uplifting song to get you dancing on Valentine’s Day.

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