Psychedelic dreams, hard guitars and frozen rhythms



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Ready for the collab of your psychedelic dreams? Longtime collaborators Panda Bear (Animal Collective) and producer Sonic Boom (Spacemen 3) have just released a proper debut album made in each other’s sweet musical company. Offering a delicious, sometimes incongruous combination of layered harmonic vocals and sweet guitar chords with purely electronic elements, this moving single underscores the success of the overall album, which earned the No. 1 spot on KCRW’s Top 30.

Tom Vek – “To survive”

Here’s one to fill in any remaining negative space in your head. A full-bodied and relentless wall of sound, this single from versatile Brit Tom Vek (producer, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist) is big-big, even when low. With hard guitars, stacks of digital choral layers and a blazing drum machine, the purpose of this track is clear: Survive or die.

King Isis – ” FANCY ”

Hats off to King Isis, who remains centered in all its guises: a countless young artist creating genre music that is both entirely new and deeply retrospective. With a confident and straightforward structure, a steady no-frills production, and a laid-back, cool vocalization reminiscent of a pep talk on a bathroom mirror, this track from the self-proclaimed “counterculture weirdo” is a no-brainer for stay frosty in those hot summer days.

Eddie Chacon – “Good heaven”

The Angelenos are making their entrance! Here we have a groovy cruiser made for a long, winding ride through town on surface streets. Eddie Chacon has an analogue radio reputation – after a long hiatus from music, the 90s soulful crooner has made a triumphant return backed by Stones Throw Records. This single is both rooted and fresh, so click for some sweet funk to guide your current journey.

Sango – “Tongue Tied (Feat. asante)”

DJ-producer Sango belies his Pacific Northwest roots with finely tuned tropical sonic instincts. This sunny track, which blends R&B, jazz and samba influences like a beachside piña colada, will be perfect for any pleasure-seeking projects you may have in the near future…or inspire you to do it.

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