Popular rock songs you didn’t know were inspired by the Bible



In 1983, Def Leppard searched for an explosive, unwieldy metallic sound, and they looked to the Bible for lyrical support. That year they released the album “Pyromania”, featuring their hit song “Rock of Ages”, a bell-heavy over-the-top rock anthem (thanks Will Ferrell fans), by VH1.

In an interview with VH1, Joe Elliott recalled preparing the music but not the lyrics. He explained: “We let someone use the studio the night before, and they had a Bible study session. A Bible was left in the studio open to the anthem ‘Rock of Ages’. So, I picked it up and started singing.” The rest would be history. Elliott’s bandmates heard him sing and realized he had the chorus for their upcoming metal anthem.

Along with the song’s biblical verses, “Rock of Ages” spawned one of headbanger music’s great mysteries thanks to the song’s intro, “Gunter glieben glauten globen.” (Fans of the offspring should also be familiar with this bit of Germanic blah as it opens “Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)”). Although people have long wondered what these words mean, Ultimate classic rock reports that the response is both whimsical and frustrating. According to drummer Rick Allen, their producer Mutt Lange was tired of counting “one, two, three, four” during recording sessions. To change things, he invented the alternative gibberish that we hear at the beginning of the recording.

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