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Top row, left to right: Sonny Singh, Charlie Hickey, The Good Ones; Bottom row: Pink Floyd (left to right: Nitin Sawhney, David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Guy Pratt)

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Courtesy of the artists

This edition of All songs considered has the first new music Pink Floyd have recorded together since 1994 The dividing bell, 28 years ago. The song “Hey, Hey, Rise Up” was inspired by a Instagram Video sent to Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour by his Ukrainian daughter-in-law. The video shows a man singing a Ukrainian protest song in an eerily empty square in Kyiv. This singer is Andriy Khlyvnyuk from the Ukrainian group Boombox. David Gilmour and Nick Mason organized a recording session in a barn and included Andriy Khlyvnyuk’s recording made in this kyiv square and a Ukrainian choir.

Another uplifting song comes with a Punjabi spirit and is based on a 16th century poem, powered by brass and percussion. The leading musician is Sonny Singh who is also part of the Red Baraat ensemble. The song “Aisee Preet” is taken from his debut album Chardi Kala.

I have some more horns for you from New Orleans band Tuba Skinny. The ensemble has released 13 American roots and traditional jazz albums, but for their new record Magnolia Walk, they composed their very first all-original tracks with a New Orleans spirit.

Patrick Watson is an exceptional storyteller and on his new song, “Heart of the Feeling”, he’s joined by vocalist Ariel Engle (also known as The Force) and a mix of modular synthesizers to flesh out his sound. There’s new music from Charlie Hickey and the first track from his debut album on Phoebe Bridgers The saddest factory recordscalled Nervous at night. I take us to a powerful song by the Rwandan group known as The Good Ones. The song from their album Rwanda… you see ghosts, I see the sky is filled with a deep wish and is titled “I dream of one day having a house”.

Featured tracks and artists:

1. Pink Floyd: “Hey, Hey, Rise Up (featuring Andriy Khlyvnyuk of Boombox)” (Single)


2. Sonny Singh: “Aisee Preet”, by Chardi Kala


3. Tuba Skinny: “Trickster’s Rag”, from Magnolia Walk

4. Charlie Hickey: “Dandelions”, by Nervous at night


5. Patrick Watson & La Force: “Height of the Feeling”, by Better in the shade


6. The vouchers: “I dream of having a house one day”, of Rwanda… you see ghosts, I see the sky


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