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The Nova Twins can’t help but live up to their cosmic namesake.

The bright and fiery rockers from London have been friends since childhood, which has created an undeniable chemistry that translates into their music. Consisting of vocalist-guitarist Amy Love and bassist Georgia South, Nova Twins hark back to the aesthetics of ’90s and ’00s girl groups with their coordinated outfits and makeup, while looking to the future with their brand of innovative rock. and electrifying.

Released on June 17, their second full album Supernova received critical acclaim and was shortlisted for the 2022 Mercury Prize, which recognizes the UK’s best album. When it comes to band gigs, Nova Twins are known for creating a space of unity and acceptance. Everyone is welcome at a Nova Twins show, no matter who they are or where they are from.

This attitude may be rare in the white male dominated rock community, but Nova Twins are part of a new wave of rock stars who embody what the genre truly means.

Below, Nova Twins tell PopCrush about their tours, first gigs, and which songs inspire top mosh pits.

What was the funniest song to play on tour? Is there a certain track that always moves a pit forward?

Seems like it changes from city to city but the ending of “Cleopatra” heats up the pit. “Choose your fighter” is also a lot of fun to play! We’re also doing a whole mosh/twerk-off thing on “Puzzles”, which people have been going crazy about. It’s so amazing to see everyone letting go.

Which song elicited the most surprising reaction from the crowd?

“Vague.” It’s an old song from our very first EP that we still love to play just because of how people react to it. It’s nice to see some of our early songs still alive. Of our Supernova album, “KMB” did well as a fun revenge song that the crowd loves [channel] their aggression towards bad exes!

Do you have a favorite moment on stage or a story from the tour?

We had a proposal at our Chicago concert! It was our first and it was such a special moment. The crowd went wild. Congratulations to Sue and John!

What does a normal touring day look like for Nova Twins?

We just did a TikTok on people’s expectations on tour versus reality. We spend most of our time in the van for hours – we sleep, listen to music, play silly games to pass the time, but that’s about it. Tour life equals van life for us right now. The concerts at the end of it all are worth it!

Where did the Supernova title comes from your album?

It was inevitable that we would call our album that at some point. Our band’s name comes from the word “supernova”, and that’s also what we call our fan base. We decided on the name shortly after writing the album and it fit perfectly with the sonic energy and uplifting vibe we wanted to convey. There was another name on the back burner but it was too dark so we canned it.

You recently covered Beyoncé’s “Break My Soul.” How did you put your Nova Twins tour on it, and why did you choose this song?

We’ve always loved Destiny’s Child and Beyoncé, so we took BBC Live Lounge as an opportunity to make our [alt-rock] version of its latest version. We changed the sound a lot with heavy bass and drums, adding punky vocals that sometimes crossed over into the original R&B melody. We had a lot of fun experimenting with it.

How long do you need to achieve your iconic makeup?

You know what? It may take [anywhere] from 15 to 20 minutes to an hour! If we have time, we’ll be happy to sit there for a whole hour, but that’s usually a luxury and never happens. We are always in a hurry, so we learned how to do it quickly and efficiently. In any case, we take advantage of it!

How do you decide what to wear on stage? How does fashion play into your aesthetic as musicians?

When we make our clothes, we will go to the fabric store and choose the same materials, but go home and make them separately to surprise each other with our individual creations. We still look in sync but the design varies which is part of the fun! On tour, we usually color-code outfits: “What are we wearing? Purple? Red?” Then we choose the set we like, depending on the weather and how we feel.

What were each of your first concerts?

Amy: Honestly, I do not know. Maybe Beyoncé or Pink; or maybe an indie band that no longer exists…

Georgia: Beyoncé was my first big concert! I blew my 11 year old little mind.

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