Musical love songs for your loneliness


I think it’s obvious at this point: I am a sap. I love love movies and love romantic songs even more. Anyone who knows me knows that I make an average romantic playlist. Without further ado, here are some musical theater love songs for those lonely days when you want someone to hold you.

1. Wedding song – Hadestown

The wedding song is so unique – Eurydice teases and tests Orpheus during this song, apparently trying to surprise him with his questions: “Who is going to buy the wedding rings?” “Who is going to set the wedding table?” “Who is going to make the marriage bed?” Orpheus wants her, so he sings his song for her – and they end up getting back together.

2. Il Mondo Era Vuoto – Light in the Piazza

Love at first sight is the point, isn’t it? And this song in Italian makes it a hundred times more romantic. If I saw a cute person in the Duomo, I would probably be in love too!

3. People will say we’re in love – Oklahoma!

Denying the fact that you’re in love with someone, even if you’re madly in love with them, is one of my favorite romantic tropes. Laurey and Curley create a “don’ts” list for each other, so the neighbors don’t think they’re in love. Of course, they definitely are – they’re too stubborn to show it.

4. No one else – Natasha, Peter and the great comet of 1812

Being completely devoted to a person is one of the best and most rewarding feelings in the world. Taking place before Anatole’s manipulation, Natasha sings about her love for Andrey, driven by moonlight.

5. Epic III – Hadestown (2017)

What love story is as famous and debated as that of Hades and Persephone? While many different translations of myths might view Persephone as reluctant, Hadestown takes a different approach – appealing to Hades’s love for her through footage of their first meeting, painting them as a young couple deeply in love. Orpheus’ epic leaves Hades in tears and ultimately wins him the freedom to go with Eurydice – at least he thinks so.

6. Marry me a little – Company

This song is so heartbreaking – Bobby got rejected, and this song is like his inner monologue – he’s ready for someone to like him, but he’s crushed. This push-and-pull makes for a perfect heartbreaking song.

7. First date / Last night – Dogfight

After being humiliated during the “dogfight” by Eddie, Rose accepts a second chance on a date. While they are both humiliated, they end up heating up. Embarrassing, yes, but quite cute.

8. Afternoon – Alice by heart

In this tale from Alice in Wonderland, Alfred (Colton Ryan) is stricken with tuberculosis and quarantined in a bunker during WWII. Alice (Molly Gordon) goes to visit him and they live in the story of Alice in Wonderland. Finally, he gets too sick. In this song, they admit their feelings for each other before Alfred died.

9. Something Different – The Group Tour

There is something so intimate about moments of non-intimacy, and this song is a prime example of that. Dina listens to Tewfiq sing, and she wonders what his intentions are, what he sings, and revel in the closeness they share.

10. You are important to me – Waitress

I don’t even think I need to explain this one. Instead, take a quote from the song itself:

Dear baby
Hope someday someone wants to hold you for twenty minutes straight
They don’t walk away, they don’t look at your face
And they don’t try to kiss you
All they do is wrap you in their arms and hold you tight without a hint of selfishness in it.
I hope you get addicted, baby
I hope you get addicted to saying things
And to have them mean to someone

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