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the Dance graphics, GRiZ revealed the calendar of events for her annual holiday charity extravaganza, Beyoncé, RÜFÜS DU SOL, ODESZA and more got nods in the dance/electronic categories at the 2023 Grammy Awards, Gryffin’s “Alive” made its debut at #3 on Dance/Electronic Albums and we’ve broken down what phonk is, what it sounds like and why should you care.

Beyond all that, it’s a big week for new electronic music. Let’s dig.

LP Giobbi Feat. Monogem, “Breathing the body”

Have you ever pursued an idea or goal so strong that it only seemed to be slipping away? Sometimes the best thing you can do for your problems is to let them go. When you stop, slow down, clear your mind, inhale, exhale and allow yourself to do literally anything else; you will often find that the solution meets you in a sudden burst of inspiration.

LP Giobbi’s latest track is an invitation to enter that free-form state; to close your eyes, get lost in the rhythm and see what you might find. “Body Breathe” is a kind of soothing and invigorating melody. It’s a little psychedelic, a little dreamy, and it features a magical vocal mantra from Los Angeles-based singer Monogem. The two met when Giobbi booked her for a show in LA, with their shared love of jazz leading up to that jam.

“I booked Monogem a long time ago to play W Los Angeles after discovering it on a Spotify playlist,” says Giobbi. “I loved her voice, and she turned out to be a really nice, wonderful person. We stayed in touch and had a studio session at my studio in Los Angeles. The doors to my studio were open and I I was at the piano playing. [Bill Evans’] “Peace Piece” heats up and kills time before Monogem arrives. She came in while I was playing and we started talking about our mutual love for jazz. As I continued to tinker to those chords, she started singing “Take all the time you need, open your body, breathe…” Although those chords weren’t right, they brought us to her amazing voice – and that voice brought us to the track.” – KAT BEIN

Romy & Fred Again.., “Strong”

In January, Romy and Fred Again.. (alongside HAAi) made magic with their catchy collab “Lights Out,” which set the bar high for 2022. Just as they opened the year, the pair closes by teaming up again for Romy’s new single “Strong.” A nostalgic trance throwback, “Strong” is music that gets your heart moving before it gets your body moving. “You’ve been so strong for so long / You learned to wear this on your own,” Romy begins in her wistful, haunting voice. From there, the emotion and sound build up into a glorious stadium-sized swell of strobe synths, cascading strings and out-of-body euphoria. With a message as healing as its production is piercing, “Strong” is, quite simply, a real banger.

“‘Strong’ came from a time in my life when I was processing past grief,” Romy says. “While writing the lyrics I was thinking of my cousin Luis, we both have the common experience of our mothers passing away when we were young. I recognize in him the same trait as me of trying to contain emotions and to look good. The song was a way to connect with those feelings, offer support, and ultimately find a sense of release in the euphoria of the music. Luis is with me on the single cover and in the music video too, which was really special. KRISTAL RODRIGUEZ

Gordo & Feid, “Hombres y Mujeres”

Having retired his alias Carnage, born producer Diamonté Blackmon hasn’t waded into his new project Gordo as much as cannonball. In the wake of the co-production of several titles on Drake’s Honestly it doesn’t matterBlackmon is back and collaborating with another global star, Feid, on the new single “Hombres y Mujeres”. The Colombian singer talks cheeky about Gordo’s tech-house production, which thumps hard and feels suitably dirty, like a club floor at 4 a.m. with its sticky drums and weird synths. According to Gordon Twitter, “Hombres y Mujeres” is the lead single from his upcoming third studio album, which he says took four years to prepare. — KR

Nico Losada, “Awakened Love”

Wait for it. After slowly coming to life with a full minute of shimmering synths and then a lightly tapping hi-hat, Brooklyn-based Colombian producer Nico Losada’s “Waking Love” then explodes into brilliant complexity with not just the addition of a beat, but handclaps and a pair of vocal samples that sing and sing at the same time. totally give sixteen oceans-era Four Tet vibes (which means it’s very good), the song is from Losada’s debut album New generation slated for release via Ultra Records in March 2023. — KATIE BATH

Tibasko, “Hawt”

It’s only been a month and a half since British duo Tibasko released their debut EP, but there’s already more where that came from. After teasing the euphoric, rave vibes of “Hawt” on social media, the energetic anthem is officially on, bringing with it a sassy mix of melodic bounce, high-pitched vocals and driving beats. It’s spicy, but it goes well, and it’s directly inspired by the rush of excitement that Tibasko’s Ken Petalcorin and Andy Bowden felt while traveling the States on their first US tour. United. “We’re finally dropping our most requested track to date,” the duo say on Instagram. “We’re so excited to share this track with the world, it’s been an absolute weapon in our sets.” – K.Bein

NERVO Feat. Ace Paloma, “Is Someone Looking For Me”

Last summer NERVOUS released an unreleased song during their Tomorrowland set which featured the chorus “is anyone looking for me?” Not only were the lyrics spoken by Liv Nervo’s three-year-old daughter, Ace Paloma, but the question she asked in the driving progressive house production hinted at the track’s deeper meaning. Now available in its entirety, “Is Someone Looking For Me” is a collaboration between NERVO and hopeland, a New York-based organization that works to prevent children from being separated from their families and to help prevent children who have experienced such separation from being trafficked. Released via SPINNIN, the track comes ahead of UNICEF’s World Children’s Day this Sunday (November 20), with all proceeds from the song (and a NERVO show VIP experience being raffled in conjunction with its release) will go to Hopeland. — K.Bath

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