Love songs old and new in Michael Bublé’s 11th studio album


OVER the past 15 months, Canadian singer Michael Bublé has written, performed and recorded three songs in one day with producers Ryan Tedder and Greg Wells. The result of all these efforts is his 11and album, Upperwhich will be released on March 25.

The album is produced by Greg Wells and Bob Rock along with Alan Chang, Jason “Spicy G” Goldman and Paul McCartney.

“This time around, I completely opened myself up to trying new things. I dug deeper working and surrounding myself with the greatest music creators on the planet with gigantic imaginations,” Mr. Bublé said. in a press release.

“…every moment was magical or the universe was conspiring to bring me to this moment in time, 20 years into this amazing adventure I’ve been on.” I’ve never been so excited after finishing an album,” Mr. Bublé said.

Upper is the 46-year-old singer’s first studio album in three years since Love was released in 2018. The new album follows his two-year sold-out worldwide album An Evening with Michael Bublé Tour which was held in support of Love.

According to the singer, the album’s lead single, “I’ll Never Not Love You,” released Jan. 28, is the sequel to 2009’s “Haven’t Met You Yet.”

“It’s about promising someone that if they trust you and reveal their vulnerability to you, you won’t hurt them,” Mr Bublé told an online press conference. with Southeast Asian media on February 18.

“Love is expensive. Love has a great price. When you really love someone, you put yourself in danger. And the song goes, ‘Risk it for me and I’ll love you forever.’

Other songs from the new album include a duet with American country musician Willie Nelson on his song “Crazy.” Mr. Bublé also performs other love songs on the album, including Paul McCartney’s “My Valentine” (2012), Bob Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love” (1997) and “Bring it on Home to Me by American soul singer Sam Cooke (1962).

Mr. Bublé described performing other people’s love songs as an honor.

“[It was an honor to] know that someone I looked up to so much trusted me to hold his art and perform a song that meant so much to him,” he said of the recording of Mr. McCartney, a song the former Beatle wrote for his wife. Mr. McCartney also produced the song for the album.

During these months spent at home, Mr. Bublé also thanks his family for having inspired one of the singles of the new album.

Mr Bublé said the idea for one of the tracks came from his eldest son. “This song came about when my eight-year-old son got into the shower while I was giving my kids shampoo and conditioner,” Mr Bublé said before singing the opening lines of what is ultimately became the song “Higher”.

The album’s co-producer Bob Rock, who has worked with Mr. Bublé since 2007, said in a statement that it was the singer’s most focused and inspired.

“He understood the record he wanted to make. He had a clear vision. As soon as we started, he craned his neck to get every song to where he heard it in his head,” said Mr. Rock.

“I was ambitious, probably too ambitious. Concepts met execution and it worked,” Mr. Bublé said of what to expect from the new album.

He ended the 30-minute online lecture with the bold statement: “I am [going to] do my best to live in the moment and enjoy this ride, because I may never be able to do better than that.

The song “I will never love you” is available to stream on Michael Bublé – I Will Never Love You ( To pre-order the album, go to Michael Bublé – Superior ( — Michelle Anne P. Soliman

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