Love songs from Wisconsin artists for a date


WISCONSIN – A timeless way to express love is through song, even if the subject is just pizza.

Over the years, Wisconsin has been home to many musical artists, some of whom have climbed the ranks of the Billboard charts. Wisconsin has seen it all: from vaudeville and jazz to country and pop rock.

One thing that many of them have in common is the desire to create a love song, something personal to their life or mundane to their audience.

Here are 11 love songs from Wisconsin artists to add to a playlist, sing into a hairbrush microphone, or lip-sync on a date, plus three more songs for anyone spending Saint’s Day. -Valentines alone or with friends.

These 11 songs are perfect for a date

Cabaret singer Hildegarde lived almost a century after growing up in Adell and released songs such as “The touch of your lips.” A sensual song about the intimacies of love, this piece preserves the vaudeville style of the first half of the 20th century.

The song was written by Ray Noble and first sung in 1936 by Al Bowlly, a British and South African artist who rose to fame just before Hildegarde, according to

Other famous performers of the song around the same time include Bing Crosby and Nat King Cole.

The Chordettes are among Wisconsin’s most iconic musicians – trained in Sheboygan – and their song from 1956 “Born to be with you” is perfect for February. True to their a capella style, their song is a sweet wish of devotion and contentment.

It ranked No. 5 on the “Billboard Hot 100” chart, slightly lower than their other hits, “Mr. Sandman” and “Lollipop,” but still in their five best songs of all time, according to the Billboard archives. .

The R&B group The Esquires imagined “My sweet baby” in 1967 from their album “Get on Up and Get Away”. With a playful tempo that perfectly matches the 60s, this song goes beyond a traditional ballad.

At the time this song was released, the members of The Esquires consisted of Milwaukee-raised siblings Gilbert and Alvis Moorer, as well as Shawn Taylor, Sam Pace and Millard Edwards, according to One of the founding members, Betty Moorer, had recently left the group.

Al Jarreau rose to fame after growing up in Milwaukee, specializing in jazz music. “We are in this love together” captured the hearts of many lovers in 1981. It’s the kind of romantic song about eternal love and partnership.

This song was Jarreau’s biggest hit, reaching No. 15 on the “Billboard Hot 100” chart, according to Billboard records. His fame led him to be part of the 1985 charity song “We Are the World”.

A few years later, the band from Waukesha BoDeans would come out “Still the night” on their 1986 debut albumLove & Hope & Sex & Dreams. ”The title comes from the desire to close the curtains in the morning, to prolong the nighttime feeling with a loved one.

The BoDeans were formed in 1983 and still create music today. Lead singer Kurt Neumann and the group’s rotating members gained a reputation for lively performances, leading them to open for popular acts such as Bob Dylan, Tom Petty and David Bowie, according to their official website,

John Altenburgh released “Marvellous” in 1991. Although he was primarily a jazz pianist, Altenburgh had a handful of songs featuring his own voice, including this one, a song of praise for any lover known to be a good person.

Prior to “Wonderful,” however, Altenburgh had worked his way into the music industry from his rock genre debut with Bad Habit in the late 1970s.

According to his official website,, he built RiverSide Productions Recording Studio in his hometown near Wausau and founded Altenburgh Records upon the release of his first jazz album.

Pee Wee King recorded “Reason why I’m in love with you” live for the album “Pee Wee King’s Country Hoedown”. He was from Abrams and made his career with country songs, including this one. With the accompanying classic steel guitar sound, Pee Wee King sings his appreciation and adoration.

Julius Frank Anthony Kuczynski started in his father’s polka band before adopting the stage name Pee Wee King and writing country hits like “Tennessee Waltz,” according to the Country Music Hall of Fame.

“Make me a mixtape” from The Promise Ring sums up the mixtape culture of 90s lovers. Much of the lyrics are a request to make a ‘reminds me of you’ mixtape – suitable for a playlist of songs suitable for a particular person in order to capture that mixtape feeling.

The song appeared on their EP “Electric Pink” in 2000, towards the end of the first stage of their career.

Although they gained popularity as an emo group from Milwaukee, the group broke up in 2002 and stopped making new music, but returned briefly in 2005 and 2011, according to their first label, Jade Music. , on

Group outing Fond du Lac Verona Grove “No words to say” on their first commercial album, “The Story Thought Over”, in 2007. Their rendition of a love song is a pop rock track about wanting to live in the moment despite the angst that life brings.

Verona Grove was formed in 2001 while the members were still in high school, and gained regional popularity in the years that followed, according to

The founding members are Charlie Wilhelm, Josh Helm and Tony Anders.

Cory Chisel and The Wandering Sons found their roots in Appleton and their 2012 song “I never wanted to love you” talks about how love can surprise someone. Chisel sings with her bandmate Adriel Danae in an intimate style, with very limited instruments to accompany them.

This song appeared on the album “Old Believers” and was released after a major change in the band: Chisel had just moved to Nashville and had signed with a new label, Readymade Records, according to

Among Music of the Future’s “Top 20 to Watch in 2020” list, Green Bay’s Rändi Fay is making waves in his music career. His recent single “Lone wolf” is the perfect song for anyone whose partner is shrouded in mystery.

The song was written to convey the excitement of a new love and the challenge of being vulnerable, according to Fay’s website,

Don’t you have a sweetheart? These three songs have you covered

Jambo Joe Bones song “Dairy air” is a love song in Wisconsin itself. Anyone who spends Valentine’s Day with a cold beer or a fried fish can put on this song from the 2013 album “Buccaneers, Ballads & Bellyflops” and enjoy Wisconsin alongside Jambo Joe Bones.

In the 1950s, West Allis-born Liberace closed his TV show with his portrayal of “I’ll see you” from the musical “Right This Way”.

The song carries a feeling of nostalgia – keeping someone in mind instead of saying goodbye – perfect for anyone thinking of a loved one they’ve lost.

Oshkosh’s own brass box also has just the song for anyone who is single or heartbroken this month. “We love pizza” is a short song that succinctly expresses a fondness for Italian cheese cuisine. It would be easy to hum while waiting for the oven or delivery.

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