Listicle: 10 songs to celebrate Father’s Day


  • ‘Father’ by Remember with davido

It’s a beautiful song that echoes every father’s prayer for his children – that their children be greater than they are.

With a beautiful owambe beat, this song is a great song that will happily drag fathers’ feet.

  • ‘Good father’ by Prince Nico Mbarga

Grand Prince Nico Mbarga is the man behind the timeless song ‘Sweet Mother’ and to balance the scales, he did “Bon Père”.

‘Good father’ remembers the lessons passed down from father to son and how it shapes him to be a better man. With a beautiful highlife melody, this song rolls back the years and celebrates the generation of fathers.

  • ‘Father’ by Johnny Drille

Singer and producer Johnny Drille paid a soothing tribute to fathers with ‘Father.’ moving and harmonious, this song offers lyrical acknowledgment of the valuable lessons a father imparts to his son. It also captures the barrier-defying courage a son derives from his father’s determination to give the best to his family.

  • ‘Dance with my father’ by Luther Vandross

It’s a timeless song that has become a worldwide soundtrack for Father/Daughter dancing at weddings. This song captures the memories a child shares with their father and the desire to relive those memories.

As the world celebrates Father’s Day, it’s a great time to play this record and relive the wonderful memories we have of our fathers.

Singer Simi paid a moving tribute to her father with “Charlie.” The song captures the all-consuming emotions of the disappearance of a father who is no longer with her.

As we celebrate Father’s Day, this song is for the wonderful fathers who are no longer with us and the legacy they left behind.

Beyonce’s “Daddy” is a beautiful R&B song that appreciates the status of fathers as providers, protectors, and first loves of their daughters. This song is a demonstration of a daughter’s boundless gratitude to her father for guiding, protecting and supporting her.

  • ‘Just the two of us’ By Will Smith

Fathers will do anything to keep their families safe and this topic has been the subject of countless movies. “Just The Two of Us” captures that universal love fathers have for their families. And as we celebrate Father’s Day, it’s a beautiful song to appreciate fathers for their invaluable sacrifices.

“Lessons from Dad” by Beyonce with Dixie chicks

is an extraordinary jazz record that articulates the lessons that fathers passed on to their daughters, from little girls to wives.

This song is a great song that captures the many roles fathers play in the lives of their children and it reminds us that fathers are superheroes.

‘Superman’ by Casper Nyovest

South African rapper Casper Nyovest paid tribute to his father with “Superman”. The beautiful song recounts the immense role his father played in making him the man he is today.

Fathers are superhuman and this song reminds us of the need to always cherish and celebrate them.

“Endless Love, Amen” by george Detroit

The great country artist George Strait expressed the timelessness and unconditional love that fathers have for their children. The love of fathers for their children is endless and that is why the world has set aside June 19 every year to celebrate fathers.

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