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They also covered Death Cab For Cutie!

Spanish Love Songs has shared a new track, a B-side of last year’s ‘Brave Faces Everyone’, and continues to embody the painful melancholy perfectly.

The track is called “Phantom Limb” and combines the band’s incredible talent for storytelling with patiently catchy musicality.

It is a reminder of how wonderfully affecting group they are and how easily they can reach your chest and pull your sensitive cords.

Singer Dylan Slocum explained a bit more about the origin of the song:

“We wrote 13 songs for the album. Recorded 11. And 10 made the cut. Phantom Limb is that extra song (and weirdly, it had that title before it was dropped). We all love the song. Thematically, it ties into the history of the record well, but when we got the final mixes and I started sequencing the album in my head, I just couldn’t hear a place for it in the context of it. whole album Whether it’s stupid or not, I still believe in “the album” as a form, so I decided to cut the song.

It’s less of a disposable B-side and more of an album companion. And for a song about the loss and passing of someone dear – listening to her after a year inside, away from everyone I love, I think she could have aged even better if she didn’t go out. with the original. “

Check it out below:

And that’s not all, since they also released a nice cover of Death Cab for Cutie’s ‘Black Out The Friction’.

Dylan had this to say about it:

“Death Cab is a rare band that’s important to almost everyone in our band. I think we all envy their talent and the way they’ve managed to build and maintain careers while doing their own thing. definitely a Top 5 band for me personally. ”

Stuck in:

Spanish Love Songs released “Brave Faces Everyone” last year via Pure Noise Records.

Here’s “self-destruction (as a sensible career choice)” from that same record:

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