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What does love look like? A dramatic question, to be sure, but one that could trigger an interesting debate between two hopeless romantics sharing the same telephone wire. Laufey responds.

“Tension,” she said, exhaling slowly. Tension and relaxation. She is fast. Of course, she’s also quick to mention that she’s never been in love, maybe she wouldn’t even know if it knocked on her door. Still, the girl can write one hell of a love song. Take “All I Know About Love” for example. It’s a siren’s call of a sweet, sultry melody and a heavenly jazz standard. Or “Valentine,” a painfully contemporary ballad (at least lyrically) covered in the vintage cherry leather of classical conservatory education.

Raised on the canon of classical music and jazz, Laufey is Gen Z’s answer to Billie Holiday or Ella Fitzgerald, voices that to her “sound like the cello.” Now she can laugh at how kids would taunt her for the maturity of her voice in her formative years. His is a vocal style and range that, once tamed and nurtured, became his greatest and most valuable weapon.

Released last year Laufey’s debut EP, ‘Typical of me, is a product of divine intuition and perfect timing. “Street by Street” was recorded on a whim during its first studio session, the day before the world changed forever, and it became possible to release music independently with the support of an audience. reunited on TikTok. Writing and recording songs across different time zones, cultures and continents: Iceland, London, Boston and Washington DC, the whole project is made up of tiny fragments of the world dictated by Laufey’s heart.

Here, Laufey discusses his modern recovery of the conservatory’s best-kept secret – jazz music.

Stream “Everything I Know About Love” below:

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