Langley country band experiment with love songs



” A well-tuned six-string Gibson

She’s a kiss on the lips that feels so good.

Tired me and made me sweat.

Like an icy bud pressed against the neck

She’s a lover, a fighter, who keeps you up all night.

These words might make some people think of their new and old romantic relationships.

The song, written by singer-songwriter Benjamin Aaron Ferguson, is about that wandering feeling of being separated from a partner and longing to be back in their arms.

Langley Whiskey country rock band Blind’sShe means the most to me,’ is also a love story – of waiting breathlessly to be with your lover.

This is the first time that Whiskey Blind has experimented with a love song.

Describing the song as one of their favorites, Ferguson said the “infectious” single is an ode to that special feeling that only distant lovers can conjure up.

Inspired by a true story, Ferguson wrote this song a long time ago – while waiting for his girlfriend at the time.

“My girlfriend at the time was giving me a hard time for not writing a song about her too, so I guess that helped a bit,” he laughed.

Ferguson further shared that he was initially a bit reluctant to throw a love song to the rest of the band, but the band members quickly picked up on the melody.

“The boys loved it and put their talents to work and it’s one of our favorite songs for sure,” he said.

A five-member band, Whiskey Blind, includes guitarists Brett Dick and RJ Begg, drummer Matt Stockwell, bassist Nick Davies and lead singer Ferguson.

A longtime Langley resident, Ferguson, 26, moved to Walnut Grove for high school in 2008. He’s been here ever since.

Growing up, Ferguson lived in a family of seven children with three older brothers who always listened to country, rock and roll or metal.

“I had an awesome childhood. And those songs also influenced me in how our songs were born.

His earliest memories of music are listening to Alan Jackson on his way to drop off his older siblings at school with his mother.

Ferguson described his first days at Langley as “an amazing time in my life”.

“I played football, practiced mixed martial arts and always had a great job to help me.”

He always loved music but had “no idea” he could actually sing, so singing came much later.

“The Langley community means the world to me,” he commented.

With a lot of condo development, Ferguson finds the city getting “a little” busier, but he still finds the community “awesome” for raising a family and working.

In addition to bars and businesses, Ferguson finds plenty of support for local music.

He has high hopes for their latest song and wants to see the band’s music on the radio soon.

“We could reach a wider audience [through radio] and they [public] got to see all the other music we have to offer,” he said.

“We have real slow country music that might make you want to cry and we have super high energy songs that make you want to get up and dance,” Ferguson concluded.

She means the most to me is available on Spotify and YouTube. For more information, people can visit their Instagram page.


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