Kubra Khan makes a valid point about love songs praising physical appearances



Listening to songs means listening to an artist talk about someone’s physical appearance and the connection they build from it. What’s missing is praise for the person’s personality, and actor Kubra Khan agrees. the Sinf-e-Aahan The star took to Twitter to ask why songs can’t highlight inner traits instead of “qatilana ankhen (deadly eyes)” or “zulfen (Hair)”.

In his tweet, Khan wrote, “You know how we have these beautiful songs that are always about qatilana ankhen, jism jaise ajanta ki murat, zulfen or khusboo. How come we never talk about inner traits? Like how kind someone is, has a beautiful heart or how inspiring someone is.”

Khan wrote that although she’s “a sucker for these songs like the next person” and knows that even when she’s 70 she’d want her partner to tell her she’s beautiful, she still wonders why people do not praise “inner beauty”.

“Like, I’m sure like me, a lot of you would love it more if your guy or dudette told you ‘yaar, khoobsurat to hai he, lekin insaan Kamaal hai, dil kamaal hai [they are beautiful but also a wonderful human being with a wonderful heart]’ or am I wrong? Again, I’m thinking out loud so don’t kill me.”

Khan made an important point and gave food for thought that although personality traits are far more important than a person’s appearance, they are not emphasized in music.

Physical appearance has always been valued in songs dating back to the time of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, and even earlier. Even the recent Coke Studio song “Thagyan” which is about being struck by someone’s gaze alone. Recent release ‘Peela Rung’ from the movie Parde Mein Rehne Do talks about the complementary nature of the color yellow.

There’s nothing wrong with praising someone’s physical appearance, but beauty isn’t always superficial. We can call someone beautiful without highlighting their physical features. Qualities such as kindness, acceptance or humility also deserve to be praised as poetically as eyes, clothes or even numbers.

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