‘Jersey Boy’ Charlie Puth Names His Favorite Bruce Springsteen Songs



Before living in Los Angeles, Charlie Puth was originally from New Jersey. In an interview, the songwriter even mentioned how Bruce Springsteen influenced his upbringing (and inspired his music).

Where is Charlie Puth from?

Charlie Puth performs at the Global Citizen Festival 2022: New York at Central Park | Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Global Citizen

Puth is the songwriter of “See You Again”, “Attention” and “Light Switch”. He collaborated with BTS’s Jungkook on “Left and Right” and Selena Gomez for “We Don’t Talk Anymore.” Additionally, Puth writes for Maroon 5, Pitbull, Zara Larsson and other well-known musicians.

Before becoming a Los Angeles native living down the street from Elton John, Puth spent time in Rumson, New Jersey. The artist went to Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School before attending Berklee College of Music.

“He had a brilliant ear…until then I had never had a student with a perfect ear,” said Forrestdale music teacher John Lebitsch. NJ.com. “He could build these incredible jazz improvisations (on the piano) as part of the ensemble, but he never showed or tried to show anyone.”

For a Bustle video from 2022, Puth even mentioned his upbringing in New Jersey, breaking down some slang used in the Garden State.

“The boss is Bruce Springsteen, and it’s funny – when I saw him perform at Asbury Park, I thought people were booing him,” the musician said. “I didn’t realize that when you like what Bruce plays, you scream, ‘Bruce.'”

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Bruce Springsteen’s ‘My City of Ruins’ inspired Charlie Puth’s ‘See You Again’

Puth is a die-hard Bruce Springsteen fan, even covering “Growin’ Up” at a pandemic relief concert. As a New Jersey rite of passage, Puth named some of his favorite Springsteen moments.

“I’ve always been so fascinated by Bruce’s ability to The climb combining happy chords, happy feeling with the dichotomy of what was being sung lyrically – happy and sad at the same time,” Puth said in an interview with rolling stone.

The artist added that “My City of Ruins” inspired the chord progression of “See You Again”. After Puth’s Springsteen cover, the Boss himself reached out to the “Warning” songwriter, as he later recalled on the Howard Stern Show.

“I’ll never forget getting a call from number 732 – it’s a New Jersey area code,” Puth said. “You get chills all over your body when you hear Bruce’s music. I understand them when I hear his voice.

During the same interview, Puth named “Jungleland” as one of his favorite Springsteen originals.

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Other New Jersey-born artists include Halsey, Frank Sinatra and Jack Antonoff

There’s Jon Bon Jovi and Frank Sinatra. Several musicians have mentioned their upbringing at Garden State. This includes Kevin, Joe and Nick of the Jonas Brothers, who spent part of their childhood at Wyckoff.

With roots in Edison, New JerseyHalsey mentioned her love of Taylor Ham (or bacon), egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches during her Hot Ones segment.

Producer, songwriter and Bleachers frontman Jack Antonoff grew up in Bergenfield, New Jersey, singing about his home state in “Stop Making This Hurt” and “Chinese district.” In fact, the 2021 version Take the saturday night sound was described by Antonoff as the sound of “passing from New York over the George Washington Bridge to New Jersey”.

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