Holiday music playlist: what are the best songs to get you in the Christmas mood?



Christmas music is heard all over the world this time of year.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of over 25 playlists and stations on Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora for your listening pleasure.

Pandora resorts

Pandora offers you several genres, decades and moods. Some of their featured stations include Christmas today, Trendy vacations, and Holiday Hits. For country music lovers, they have a Country Christmas station, too much.

Some new stations include Holiday thumb 100 (songs from all eras), Holiday Thumb 100: Traditional (songs before 1980), and Holiday Thumb: Modern (songs from 1980 to the present day).

For those looking for holiday music for specific tasks, you can also choose from Holiday kitchen, Holiday cleaning, Vacation trip and Vacation training.

Spotify Holiday Playlists

If you’re having trouble creating your own playlist, Spotify probably has what you’re looking for.

  • Happy Holidays: A list of new and old seasonal favorites.
  • New musical holidays: All new vacation releases!
  • Christmas classics: Timeless classics that warm the heart for the holiday season.
  • Christmas pop: All the best of Christmas Pop, new and classic.
  • Christmas country: Christmas songs from your favorite country artists.
  • Contemporary christmas: A collection of traditional songs and new classics
  • Christmas success: The greatest Christmas hits of all time.
  • Sweet christmas: For easy Christmas listening.
  • Christmas Jazz: Jazz takes over the best holiday songs.
  • Christmas songs: All your favorite Christmas carols.
  • Hip-hop christmas: Holiday songs from the best Hip-Hop artists.
  • Feliz Navidad: favorites of the Spanish holidays.
  • Christmas coffee: Songs to snuggle up with a cup of coffee.
  • Kwanzaa Habari Gani: Celebrate black culture with pieces representing the 7 principles of Kwanzaa.
  • Family Christmas party: Holiday songs for your family reunions.
  • Evangelical Christmas: Celebrate Christmas with moving and classic songs from your favorite gospel artists.

Apple Music Holiday Playlists

Want to try new platforms? Apple Music also has many playlists that you can check out.

  • Edges covered 2021: Your favorite Christmas carols taken by your favorite artists.
  • Holiday Hits: The best artists spread the holiday cheer.
  • Holiday Cocktail: For your chic parties.
  • Silent night: Christmas: songs for those sweet winter nights.
  • Classic Christmas Hits: Holiday songs from classical, opera and jazz stars.
  • Alternative vacations: For those who want a more punk, alt-rock and indie Christmas.
  • After dinner nap: Not all the holiday music, but a few relaxing songs for when you’re drunk.
  • All I want for Christmas is Pop: Your favorite pop stars with the holiday hits.
  • Instrumental vacation: Who needs words? Instrumental takes up Christmas favorites.
  • Children’s Christmas: Relive your childhood and immerse your children in the Christmas atmosphere.
  • R&B for the Holidays: Reworked favorite songs and brand new songs from the biggest names in R&B.
  • Essential Christmas: You can’t go wrong with these essential holiday songs.

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