Hey there! announces debut album “Psychokinetic Love Songs” (“Intrusive Thoughts Always” stream)



Hey there!it is Internet blast EP was one of our favorite punk releases of 2021, so we’re thrilled to hear that they’re now set to release their full-length debut, psychokinetic love songs, on April 29 via Lonely Ghost Records. Hey there! started out as Caleb Haynes’ solo project, but it grew into a full band with Skyy Haman (synth), Conner Haman (drums), Stephen Redmond (bass), Trevin Baker (guitar), and that band sound complete is very present on the first single of the album “Intrusive Thoughts Always”.

“We wanted this song, as the band’s first full song on the album, to perfectly encapsulate the personality of the rest of the album,” the band tells us. “Catchy choruses, pounding drums and weird left turns. We always wanted to write a thrash metal song, so with this song we thought: why not just put a thrash metal song in the middle of this song? seemingly ordinary emo? thinking perfectly sums up our process when writing this album. What would it sound like if we stripped away the traditional emo songwriting rules?”

That pretty much describes “Intrusive Thoughts Always,” which is genderless and all over the place, but still sounds like a catchy, cohesive emo-pop song. It’s also bigger, cleaner and sharper than anything on Internet blast, but loses none of the rambling charm of Hey, ily!. It’s a very promising taste, and you can hear it below.

Track list
1. Restart
2. Always Intrusive Thoughts
3. Stress-related headaches
4. Glass house
5. Dream
6. Psychokinetic Love Song
8. The Storm
9. Human!
10. Stop

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