Hey there! Announce Debut Album ‘Psychokinetic Love Songs’, Share New Song



Hey there! – the band from Billings, Montana, which started as Caleb Haynes’ solo project and now includes Skyy Haman (synth), Conner Haman (drums), Stephen Redmond (bass) and Trevin Baker (guitar) – announced their first LP. psychokinetic love songs is slated for an April 29 release via Lonely Ghost Records. It’s led by the single “Intrusive Thoughts Always,” which you can hear below.

“We wanted this song, as the band’s first full song on the album, to perfectly encapsulate the personality of the rest of the album,” the band told Brooklyn Vegan. “Catchy choruses, beating drums and bizarre left turns. We always wanted to write a thrash metal song, so with this song we thought: why not just put a thrash metal song in the middle of this seemingly normal emo song? This thought perfectly sums up our process when writing this album. What would it be like if we took away the traditional emo songwriting rules? »

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psychokinetic love songs Cover illustration:

psychokinetic love songs List of tracks:

1. Restart
2. Always Intrusive Thoughts
3. Stress-related headaches
4. Glass house
5. Dream
6. Psychokinetic Love Song
8. The Storm
9. Human!
10. Stop

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